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Posted By Discussion Topic: The boating community

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The only things I would add to PeggyD's advice is not to be fooled by the ripples on the water as an indication of the direction of flow, look for the direction twigs, leaves etc. are moving. Secondly be careful not to pull the bow in too tight therefore not allowing the stern to come in.

Best Regards


PO20 But NR12 as much as possible.

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Once again a big Thankyou for taking the time to reply.

I definitely feel better about the upcoming trip and starting to look forward with anticipation rather that anxiety ??

As long as I take it slow and steady I reckon I should be in reasonable shape and have time to rectify the mistakes that  will inevitably occur from time to time.

I shall aim for enjoyment as opposed to perfection??????

Kindest regards


Never knowingly under sailed ??

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One mistake that people new to boating commonly make is to not watch where their stern ie rear end is going when leaving moorings, they don't realise that the rear of the boat is travelling in the opposite direction to the front unlike a car where the back follows the front, easily sorted if you watch what the rear does as you leave the mooring and take the lock off when your boat is going in the direction that you require.
Another useful tip is to count the amount of turns from one lock to the other then then when you spin the wheel back half that amount your steering is roughly in the straight on position, ie if it takes 8 turns from one lock to the other 4 from either lock puts you central


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The derisive and scornful as you call them are NOT part of the true boating community (Broads or otherwise), and by no means are they the norm. And the mere fact that you’re aware things can go wrong and mistakes do happen suggests you’ll make every effort to avoid them.

Just two things to add: you’ll be (correctly) advised time and time again: “Come in to moor slowly and against the current, even if you have to go past your chosen spot and turn 180 degrees to come back”. But unsure which way the current is flowing, and with a bit of wind pushing you one way or the other, what to do? Simply come to a halt - good practice in itself - and observe which way the boat is being pushed by the elements. Then let the current and the wind do the work for you!

And imagine trying to leave a mooring with the current and/or wind pushing you forward. Before your bow is out at a far enough angle, you’ll have been pushed onto the boat moored in front of you. As often as you’ll leave a mooring going forward, you’ll be obliged to reverse out. Make sure the boatyard gives you proper instruction how to do it.

Do everything slowly, you’ll have fun and your only regret will be having taken thirty years to take the plunge!


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