Topic: How many more cock ups?

Richard    -- Apr-19-2017 @ 6:50 PM
  Everyone makes mistakes, I make many a day. But I'm an individual.

How many more cockups are the BA planning on this year?

1) The Toll fiasco

2) The lack of day to day information about what's happening on the Broads.

3) Not ordering enough electric cards

These are all basic issues, easily fixed with basic joined up thinking, that most adults can handle.

As an example of item (2) a couple of weeks ago Breydon Bridge was closed due to an accident. I assume you folks listen to the radio, so why no mariners notice.

So come on John, give me a number, how many more cock ups this year?

There is no such thing as an "unforeseen Circumstance", it's called "lack of planning".

So my guess of a number by October is another 6.

A pint for the one who gets closest to the total number.

TerryTibbs    -- Apr-20-2017 @ 10:53 AM
  Your way out Richard, the B.A. make a monumental cock up everyday by not calling for the head of Pacman, so that's at least 365


Je suis Charlie

JP    -- Apr-26-2017 @ 5:09 PM
  Evening Richard,

You and I have had several discussions about the restructuring of the tolls and I can fully understand your anger about the increase in the toll for your boat. But as I have explained the Member Working Group and then subsequently the Navigation Committee and the Broads Authority are all of the view that the simpler structure of boat area in m2 x £y is a fairer system overall. This has meant that bigger boats are paying more, but still less than on the Environment Agency’s waters in the Anglian Region and on the Thames, and that smaller boats, 44% of all boats, are paying less. The implementation of the new arrangements has gone smoothly. We have had a few letters of complaint, around 20 and one individual has sent in a cheque for the incorrect amount – last year’s fee. But we have 10,000 users and around 12,000 boats. To date we have issued toll receipts for 7,974 private boats, compared to 7,895 on the same date last year, so toll collection is going well.

Yes, I do agree with you that information updates have been in need of improvement and we have appointed a new digital officer to get more information out to you all, particularly on our web and social media. Training will soon be given to the rangers and Broads Control so they can use Twitter too to keep you updated. So I’m really confident that we can up our game significantly on this front.

In terms of electricity cards we based the initial quantity of card numbers on sales figures from previous years which showed that on average we sell 10,000 cards over the course of a year. The initial order was set at 5,000 as this would provide cards for the first few months, with the aim of a second order later on. The popularity of the cards is probably down to the system being new and people ‘stockpiling’ but we have now re-ordered a second batch of cards, earlier than expected, to meet demand. We are also working on getting some information out to people about the cards, where they can get them and how they can exchange their old ones.

Hope that helps.



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