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woodwose    -- Sep-16-2014 @ 6:33 PM
  I am sure that many members will know that I am a member of the Ludham Community Archive Group. We have been operating since 2002 creating a lasting archive of Ludham village. The archive is a virtual one which exists only in computer files. We took the decision right at the outset that we would not collect any physical things. As of today the archive needs 81.1Gbytes of storage for 86,353 files. So there is a lot of stuff in the collection.

Now, one of my jobs is writing the website which you can take a look at on
There is a lot of stuff on the website but it is only a fraction of the total collection.
Some of the stuff in the collection is not very interesting and some has copyright issues (often we have no idea who owns the copyright) but quite a lot of it is not on the website because I have not put it there yet. I don't want to put rubbish on the website, only quality reading and viewing.
In the past, I have added bits to the website at the request of Forum members.

The website generates lots of enquiries and the largest single topic is from people wanting help tracing their family trees. I have added a whole section to the website to help with this and even more is planned. However, I also know that Forum members do look at the website.

In order to help develop the website and to make sure that it meets the needs of people looking at it, I have a few questions and I would appreciate any feedback you might want to give. The questions are:

1. Do you visit the Ludham Archive Website?
2. What did you expect to see on the site?
3. Were you looking for something in particular and if so what?
4. Did you find what you wanted?
5. Did you find the site useful or interesting?
6. What is missing from the site?
7. Would you like me to add anything to the site?
8. Have you any comments, good or bad?

Thanks for your help.

Ludham Community Archive Group

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Uncle_Nobby    -- Sep-16-2014 @ 6:48 PM
  Hi Nigel

We really appreciate the effort you put into the site.  We are Ludham residents, and we look at the site every few months to see what updates there have been.

1. Do you visit the Ludham Archive Website? Yes
2. What did you expect to see on the site?  Old photos and historical text
3. Were you looking for something in particular and if so what?  Nothing in particular - general interest
4. Did you find what you wanted? and more
5. Did you find the site useful or interesting? yes
6. What is missing from the site?  would be interesting to have a map of the village, with links to articles
7. Would you like me to add anything to the site?
8. Have you any comments, good or bad?

woodwose    -- Sep-16-2014 @ 8:52 PM
  I like the idea of the interactive map. That could work.

As you live locally, you are welcome at any meeting of the Ludham Archive or on the Winter Walks which start again next month. We don't have membership or anything like that. It's just turn up and join in.


Uncle_Nobby    -- Sep-16-2014 @ 9:14 PM
  Thank you Nigel - hope to see you there.

johnm    -- Sep-17-2014 @ 8:06 AM
  Any chance one of the Mods could make this a 'sticky'? - it is a valuable resource and it would be nice if the link was readily available to Newbies, rather than fading to the bottom of the pile over time.

Not having any links to the village, other than alove of Percy's Lovely ladies Wink , I can't really comment other than to complain that it is all too easy to lose hours Scared  in perusing all the photos. An interactive map would be a good idea to help orientate folk who don't know the area well.
Keep up the good work! Cheers



Dibbler    -- Sep-17-2014 @ 8:30 AM
  Good idea, John...done as requested. Smile


woodwose    -- Sep-25-2014 @ 11:41 PM
  I would still welcome comments on the Archive website.

Quite a lot of updates all over the site today. There is a new page on the history of Norwich Road.

I have more history stuff to post but it will have to wait until Richard fixes the problem of posting photographs in this section.

Ludham Community Archive Group

woodwose    -- Oct-11-2014 @ 7:14 PM
  New page added today


Geoff&Wendy    -- Jan-19-2015 @ 11:12 PM
  What a wonderful archive of Ludham village your group have created. I have spent almost two hours reading all the information on the site. We are visiting the Broads in april this year and will certainly be spending a few hours at Womack Staith, so that we can visit Ludham. I had to laugh reading the article on Knacky Knight, he was certainly a character. Well done Nigel for all the work you must have put in to bring all this interesting information together, for all to see and read about.

Regards, Geoff & Wendy

woodwose    -- Jan-20-2015 @ 6:52 PM
  Hi Geoff and Wendy

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the Ludham Archive website. We are updating it regularly with new stuff and have some plans for future changes so keep looking in.

I am always gad to get feedback on the website and I welcome suggestions for topics of interest.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Ludham and the history helps you to get more out of your time here. Ludham with its chocolate box cottages looks timeless but the place is changing all the time. We are making sure that the history is not lost. Just because you cant see the plane crashes or the army camp or indeed Knacky Knights anymore it does not mean that they did not happen.

Best wishes


Geoff&Wendy    -- Jan-20-2015 @ 11:44 PM
  Is the climb to the top of the church tower available for visitors, like it is at Ranworth church. Or does one need to get permission? I would like to be able to get some video footage from the top.

Regards, Geoff & Wendy

woodwose    -- Jan-21-2015 @ 2:55 PM
  Hi Geoff and Wendy

St Catherine's Church is always open during the day but the tower is not open for visitors. I guess this is for safety reasons.

I will send you a PM with contact details for the churchwardens. If you need a special visit they are the people to ask.


Geoff&Wendy    -- Jan-21-2015 @ 6:03 PM
  That's very kind of you. Thank you Nigel. Smile

Regards, Geoff & Wendy

woodwose    -- Jan-22-2015 @ 7:44 PM
  I have added a new downloads section to the Archive Group website.
Amongst other things, you can now download all our booklets for free. Its a lot cheaper than buying the printed version.
Discover Ludham is particularly good. You can still get a printed copy of this in Throwers.

Ludham Community Archive Group

woodwose    -- Apr-16-2015 @ 6:35 PM
  I have added a new Video section to the Ludham Archive website and also created a You Tube Channel.

There are various videos of Ludham interest on there at the moment and there is a lot more to come.

You might be interested in the video of a Broads Holiday in the early 1960s. This film has footage of the Fairy Garden.

Also of particular interest is a film of change over day at Southgates boatyard in Horning. This was taken in the mid 1970s. I am sure many of you will enjoy this film.
At the Ludham Archive we are still trying to find out who the owner of this film is. If you know anything please will you let me know.

Link is

Ludham Community Archive Group

woodwose    -- Aug-20-2015 @ 4:08 PM

Hi All

You probably know that there are lots of photographs of the Boardman Family on the Ludham Community Archive website. The Boardman family built How Hill House, first as a holiday home and later (extended) as their main home.

Although there are many photographs on the site, there actually are many more available. As a bit of an experiment, I have greatly increased the number of pictures from one of the albums (1897 to 1906). I have actually split it into 2 pages so it downloads in a reasonable time. This is still only a fraction of the pictures available but it is a much wider set.

I would be interested to know if this wider collection is of interest to members. This is the link to Page 1:  There is a button which takes you to page 2. The rest of the albums can be seen from the index page. If there is a lot of interest, I could expand these albums too.

Best wishes

Nigel.  Ludham Community Archive Group

woodwose    -- Nov-10-2015 @ 1:49 PM
  Just added a nice collection of photographs of Ludham Village from the air. They are not old but they are good.


Trevor    -- Nov-10-2015 @ 2:42 PM
  Thank you Nigel it looks so different from above. It took me some time to work out where places are.

Trevor & Deirdre

woodwose    -- Nov-13-2015 @ 3:30 PM
  I have also updated the Nita Townsend album which was not working properly on Internet explorer. Any comments on the pictures would be welcome.


woodwose    -- May-27-2019 @ 5:58 PM
  There have been lots of changes all over the website:

The video section has been expanded with lots more new videos.
We are preparing a new video of Ludham in 2019. This is 10 years on from our 2009 video. You can see the new video growing month by month and have a look at the old one.
We have finally taken the decision to publish our book on Ludham in the 20th Century and you can read a sample chapter.
There are lots more photographs and other interesting stuff.

Keep looking in. We are updating it all the time.

Ludham Community Archive Group.

woodwose    -- May-31-2019 @ 7:07 PM
  just added an interesting collection of Ludham photos from the Alexander Family.


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