Topic: Foeign travel: whinging and whining.

The_Wanderer    -- Jul-28-2020 @ 5:46 PM
  For heaven's sake! I am fed up with all these people on the box whinging and whining about all the aggravation they encounter because they want to go abroad and subject themselves to an increased chance of picking up C-19 and spreading it and getting skin cancer due to being stupid in the sunshine.

Can they not just for one year just stay in our beautiful country and give the health services a chance to sort this horrendous disease.

You do not have to go abroad to get a suntan, you do not have to go abroad to get sunburn, for one year give it a rest and stop spreading this terrible disease.      

TerryTibbs    -- Jul-28-2020 @ 7:37 PM
  No encourage them to go, leave England for those who appreciate it.

if it is to be it is up to me.

Hylander    -- Jul-29-2020 @ 7:07 AM
  Please read this next sentence in the light hearted manner in which it is intended.   Please tell them to all go abroad and leave us all in peace on the Broads.

Some of my family a few weeks ago suddenly declared more or less that this was all over, well that is the way it came across, all booked holidays abroad , now fighting to get their money back.    it is not over and probably will never be,  we will just have to live with it sensibly.    One day, yes even the brain dead will cotton on to the fact that they are not immune.

Women dont nag they just
things out...


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webntweb    -- Jul-29-2020 @ 11:31 AM
  "One day, yes even the brain dead will cotton on to the fact that they are not immune."

Unfortunately not until they have caused the deaths of a lot more people.

Karen&Mike    -- Jul-29-2020 @ 12:33 PM
  Sadly, yes, I have to agree with you there.

The press are today reporting what a lot of us had already observed - that many of the young are responsible for the continuing spread of this disease. A very unfortunate result of the way we turn out many kids out in this country these days - full of **** ( sorry for the inferred use of an unsavoury term). I apologise to all those lovely families out there who do their very best to bring their kids up with good old fashioned values, boundaries, self awareness, consideration etc etc, but for every one of them there seems to be twice as many  "duckwits" ( that's our own little versions of a collective noun, and it may well be grossly unfair to ducks!  Gasp  )

And as for all the grown up older adults who are still playing with fire - what's their excuse?

May all of us who see and understand the  bigger picture in all of this, keep on doing what we're doing, or we're all doomed for sure.

Stay safe all, Karen

"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

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Hylander    -- Jul-30-2020 @ 9:59 AM
  Speaking as I find , we went for a quick stroll down to Beccles Harbour on Monday and on walking round we came across several middle aged to older folk gathered in groups , taking up the whole path and not bothering with social distancing or to move over when we came past.    There is definitely an element in this country that really do think , it will never happen to me,  not that I would wish this on anyone but it makes you feel that way at times.   The boats in the harbour were packed in like Sardines.

Women dont nag they just
things out...


Hylander    -- Jul-30-2020 @ 10:00 AM
  Lots of boats

Women dont nag they just
things out...


The_Wanderer    -- Jul-30-2020 @ 1:50 PM
  Anyway, I am planning my first trip on the Broads in the near future.

No airports, no airplanes with suspect air conditioning, no customs, no crowds, no blistering heat, so what, the sun may not shine all the time but I just love Great Britain. My passport ran out some twenty years ago and I never bothered to renew it.

I really am looking forwards to wild moorings, fresh air, peace and quiet and a few hours of fishing and probably a few socially distanced pints in the Dog garden at Ludham Bridge in passing And possibly The Kings Head, Wroxham and if it is open, the Norada at "that bridge" which keeps Hickling Broad so peaceful (almost!).

JohnP.    -- Jul-30-2020 @ 9:14 PM
  Avoid quarantine when returning from Spain by simply saying that you went to test your eyesight...



Hylander    -- Jul-31-2020 @ 6:48 AM
  The Wanderer :     We too are like yourself, we dont possess a passport and have not since it ran out about 10 years ago.    The UK is a beautiful place and if you went away every week of your life you would not cover all the interesting places to visit.   There is nothing like the company of Swans and Ducks when you wake in the morning.    However, please keep it a secret!!   Smile

Women dont nag they just
things out...


FreemanBattyBat    -- Jul-31-2020 @ 7:20 PM
  IMO the "staycation" is catching on, never seen so many canoes ( inflatable and rigid), paddle boards, swimmers etc as were on the water today on a short trip to the Locks at Geldeston. Most with sensible crews I'm glad to say.

Freeman F23 Flittermouse moored near

The_Wanderer    -- Aug-21-2020 @ 9:35 AM
  And so it goes on.

Now people are being told to quarantine when returning from certain countries. Because they cannot claim sick pay whilst in quarantine they are now whinging that the government should support them in quarantine. Where would the money come from? Yes, you've got it, our taxes.

They had plenty of money to pay for their holiday, they made the choice to travel abroad, nobody forced them to go, now let them pay for their own quarantine and stop whinging. Why should us taxpayers support their stupidity?

webntweb    -- Aug-21-2020 @ 10:13 AM
  People have been cutting their trips abroad short to rush back to avoid having to quarantine. Not giving a damn that they may be bringing the virus back with them and infecting others.
All they are interested in is that their lives are not interrupted for a couple of weeks and not the slightest thought that they may be the causing the death of others and possibly destroying families' lives.

jrskip    -- Aug-21-2020 @ 1:38 PM
  No one is being forced to holiday abroad and anyone who does so knows full well the risks involved. As such they have no right to complain when they get back home should they have to quarantine.
I have no issue with anyone holidaying abroad in fact I wish more would and make the rivers quieter but please don't moan if things go wrong.

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