Topic: Navigation Ctte Meeting Thurs 22 Oct

Helmsman1946    -- Oct-20-2020 @ 10:01 AM
  I think this deserves a posting on its own!
Here is the Agenda & Papers for the BA Navigation Committee on Thursday 22nd October (2pm & we can all watch it live providing you have a reasonable internet access - try disabling visual if you haven't)
The link will also be there later today - One click at 2pm & you are in with just a name needed

Paladine    -- Oct-20-2020 @ 10:28 AM
The papers make for interesting reading, thank you.

It comes as no surprise that private boat owners are well and truly p!ssed off, but it is a surprise that it's actually getting through the BA, to the extent that the papers actually mention it.

But once again, the private owners are being lined up to bail out the hire companies. Last weekend, the owner of one of the largest hire firms cruised past me on his £200,000+ private boat. My heart (and wallet) bleeds for them.

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