Topic: Southern broads morning off the Yare

Chicol    -- Oct-4-2020 @ 9:17 AM
  Hi all. Plannng a trip down south soon, only been there once. Can anyone tell me of any dykes or staiths ( what is the difference by the way) between Loddon  and Brundal or beyond, where you can moor off the main river ( apart from Rockland)


Speleologist    -- Oct-4-2020 @ 10:04 AM
  If you really want to be off the river then the obvious places would be Langley Dyke and mudweighting on Surlingham Broad Both quiet and tranquil spots although no nearby pub. However don't rule out the main river. The Ferry Inn at Surlingham Ferry is a great stop as is Bramerton Woods End.

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Steve51    -- Oct-4-2020 @ 10:48 AM
  On the main river, but still a nice mooring, is Hardley Mill. A pontoon mooring, so no messing around with tidal rise and fall and electric posts too.

Costs £5 per night, which at the moment relies on you being honest and putting your money in the box. We moored there last month and it's a lovely spot and yes, I did put my fiver in the box!

Steve. CM1 and NR12

Hylander    -- Oct-4-2020 @ 12:27 PM
  Not necessarily off the main river but good safe moorings.   Hardley Cross , Herring fleet, Somerleyton, St Olaves, Worlingham Staithe,  North Cove, Aldby ,  further on towards Beccles another quite mooring , yes you have to pay but perfectly quite mooring and not on fast river. All the above are good safe moorings and there are many many more.    Going towards Norwich Commissioners Cut , Brundall, again towards Beccles  Waveney River Centre, good safe moorings.  You will be spoilt for choice. I know I have missed loads out.   Nearly forgot , the Tea Gardens at Oulton Broad.

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TerryTibbs    -- Oct-4-2020 @ 12:45 PM
  If you are on a hire boat you can try Brooms

if it is to be it is up to me.

annville    -- Oct-4-2020 @ 2:49 PM
  Hi Chiciol Langley Dyke good moorings no electric or water or Rockland Staithe good moorings with electric and no water but good pub the  New Inn, there's no difference really the staithe usually belongs to village to unload barges, a dyke is a short treash of river leading to a dead end or staithe it's more tech then this as i'm sure someone will say but as far as your concerned for holiday use none whatsoever oh and lower speed limit. other moorings along there are on the river there are are couple of broads(lakes) for mud weighting John

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