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bootneck    -- Oct-9-2019 @ 12:57 PM
  Hi, I'm looking for a permanent mooring for a 45ft cruiser on ether north broads or southen broads. Anyone got any ideas of availability and cost.

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Calixte    -- Oct-9-2019 @ 5:49 PM
  Hi Try Ferry Marina at Horning, I'm sure they will be able to help you out. Smile

Kindest Regards Mike

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Dodger65    -- Oct-9-2019 @ 6:05 PM
  It all depends on what brides u can get under
Do you want to pay rocket prices for Horning and Wroxham?
Or lower prices out in the country
That is Stalham ( Broadsedge )
Sutton Staithe
Southern broads not a clue

Keep That Boating Smile

ADI    -- Oct-9-2019 @ 7:08 PM
  Hi Bootneck what kind of cruiser do you have? sounds impressive at 45 foot long.


Adrian  Michelle

Beck  Braydon and Mere.

ruby    -- Oct-9-2019 @ 9:08 PM

Good luck and welcome.

Availability Is scarce in the north with greater availability in the south but also more expensive at places such as tingdene at Brundall.

Prices will range from about  £1800   for a stern on mooring  to £3000 plus for a  pontoon  berth in a marina..


murf    -- Oct-11-2019 @ 5:52 AM
  Hi we have been looking for moorings for a boat were just purchasing
cox marina have space over the winter
broadgate also have permanent space at stalham , you need to speak to dan at bridgecraft for broadgate
Also broadsedge had space when i rung based at stalham
waterside marina at potter heigham have space too
worth a ring they might be able to accomodate

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