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Akl52    -- Aug-24-2019 @ 2:43 AM
  Hello all, we’re new to forum and new to boating ! looking to purchase a freehold mooring,  We are a retired local couple and looking to spend retirement time on the river. We’ve thought about this for a long time and realise they don’t become available very often but are now in a position to try and secure our own mooring.
We are aware of a few in the boatyards but would prefer a more peaceful location. Any advice or help greatly appreciated.

Lorna & Allan

Forresters    -- Aug-24-2019 @ 9:30 AM
  Hi Lorna & Allan and welcome to the Forum.

There is this plot of land with access to the River Bure at Horning,nr12-ref-4916940/

The pace of life down there
suits us

Akl52    -- Aug-24-2019 @ 10:04 AM
  Hello “Foresters” and think you for your reply, we have just enquired about this and it seems you can’t moor your boat overnight !

Thanks again
Kind regards

Marshman    -- Aug-24-2019 @ 10:11 AM
  As you realise they are very few and far between and even if you find one you may not have an automatic right to either moor a boat or if its woodland, to do anything at all with it!!!!!

Forresters    -- Aug-24-2019 @ 10:13 AM
  Very strange and I'm pretty certain somebody on here will have the knowledge of planning laws etc to give some advice.

I would have thought that a landowner would have the right to moor against their own land but I suppose it may depend on the ownership of the dyke which joins the Bure.

I did hear that there was a caravan on the site for some time but can't confirm it.  I also understand that land owners in this area contribute to the upkeep of the access road on an annual basis.

The pace of life down there
suits us

Akl52    -- Aug-24-2019 @ 10:35 AM
  Strange indeed !  It seems if it’s advertised as land joining river you can’t  moor your boat and if it’s advertised as mooring obviously you can !   ...... I think ?
Going to be a steep learning curve this !

Dzign    -- Aug-24-2019 @ 12:55 PM
  I have seen mooring plots advertised around St Olaves on occasions it's a bit bleak but if you are looking for quiet it may suit


ruby    -- Aug-24-2019 @ 4:51 PM
  Hi and good luck. They do come up but you have to act like lightening to get one and probably pay over the odds as well. Herbert woods currently have them in their boat years for about £40 K and you are unlikely
Y to get one anywhere nice for much less. Some at Beccles for £25 K but only 25 foot and no facilities.

Crabbets island Is a no go for mooring. There are historic plots with it but the BA  fight tooth and nail to keep the rest as was intended which Is amenity land.  If you see the word amenity in an advert steer well clear as it Is an ill defined term but basically means nothing permanent including sheds, caravans and mooring. Two weeks camping Is fine or a weekend bbq Is fine but that's about it.

Try using the trovit website and search mooring. That tends to pick up everything that Is for sale at any one time.

Hope that helps


WherryNice!    -- Aug-24-2019 @ 4:57 PM
  If you haven't already found them then Waterside Estate Agents sometimes have freehold mooring plots for sale and not just the ones in Herbert Woods. Several have come up and been quickly sold at Wayford recently.


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pargeandmarge    -- Aug-24-2019 @ 5:00 PM
  Hello and welcome to the forum. The major things to think about are access, security and dredging in our opinion.
As we mature Smile the thought of pushing a barrow full of gear along a poorly maintained path would be daunting.
Marge and Parge

Marshman    -- Aug-25-2019 @ 8:59 AM
  Be mindful too that the St Olaves sites are difficult too - the moorings are not all available full tide and are often drying. Well they probably wouldn't be if you dredged them properly but that then raises more problems!!!

As you have probably realised, plots like that are virtually impossible to find and if you do, there is usually some kind of issue. Otherwise everyone would be after them.

The only way perhaps is to buy one with a house on it but then you may not have that kind of money I guess?

Akl52    -- Aug-25-2019 @ 10:09 AM
  Thanks for your input , pushing barrows long distance on unmade tracks definitely doesn’t appeal to us, parking is important, going to be a difficult search but if you don’t seek you won’t find !

Still searching !

Lorna & Allan

herberts    -- Aug-25-2019 @ 10:43 AM
  What size mooring do you need ? There are a couple of moorings in a quiet marina that are currently rented out but may be able to purchase from 1st April 2020.

herberts    -- Aug-25-2019 @ 10:44 AM
  Sorry forgot to mention they are in Horning.

Akl52    -- Aug-25-2019 @ 9:22 PM
  Thanks for your reply Herberts, we thought 40 foot to purchase would give us flexibility with boat purchase, a mooring to purchase in Horning would definitely be of interest to us, do you know parking arrangements for them ?

Lorna & Allan

herberts    -- Aug-27-2019 @ 1:08 PM
  Have tried to reply to your PM but out on river and having trouble with internet. The two moorings have a max length of 30ft so doesn't sound like they are suitable for you.

Karen&Mike    -- Aug-29-2019 @ 9:22 AM
  Is there a particular reason for wishing to purchase rather than rent a mooring?

£40,000 will cover many many years of mooring fees at a good spot with parking and all the facilities in place - such as electric hook up and water, without the costs associated with  maintainance of quay heading/parking areas, cutting the grass etc. You also have the option to swap locations - be it simply for a change or to enjoy another area completely, such as go South for a couple of seasons.

Just my two penneth, after 14 years of boat ownership we find a rented annual mooring is by far the easier option, but we are not retired so don't have the time that you may have to look after a mooring plot as well as a boat!

Best wishes with your search and do let us know what you find.


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Dzign    -- Aug-30-2019 @ 8:09 AM
  I suppose buying your own mooring is a little like buying your house, money spent on rent is kinda wasted where as buying a plot should achieve a profit when it is sold further down the line..


Karen&Mike    -- Aug-30-2019 @ 11:31 AM
  Yeah , I fully understand the investment principle, and it's a big thing between renting or owning your own home over many years of working life. However, I was just referring to the positive aspects of an annual mooring which is what a very large percentage of boat owners do, with mooring ownership being rarer, other than those lucky enough to live beside the water and have river frontage.


"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

FreemanBattyBat    -- Aug-30-2019 @ 12:25 PM
  I wonder what those £40k +++ moorings were fetching 10-15 years ago ? I bet their inflation busting increases even taking ongoing maintenance costs into account.
Having had boats on the Broads for 25 years plus with about six changes of location, l like the idea of being able to hire moorings in different spots enabling different areas to be explored.

Freeman F23 Flittermouse moored near

Dreamer    -- Aug-30-2019 @ 12:38 PM
  I looked at the viability of purchasing at Crabbett’s Marsh or South Quays around 9/10 years ago. One plot at CM I looked at was definitely available for permanent mooring and, if my memory serves me correctly, was about £40k. I decided that it would be more fun to rent moorings and move every few years to have a change of scenery. As it is, we are very happy where we are and are unlikely to ever consider moving! I have often thought that out of the way moorings could be subject to theft and vandalism but that’s probably me being ultra cautious!

Dreamer    -- Aug-30-2019 @ 1:03 PM
  I do notice that you say you are ‘new to boating’ Ak152. Does that mean you have never actually had a holiday on the Broads? (Or on a boat?)
If that is the case, would it not make more sense to hire a boat for a couple of weeks and see if it is really what you want? Over the years I have come across several people who have decided after their first boating holiday that it really wasn’t for them. Not many mind, most people get somewhat hooked and return year after year, eventually buying their own boat.

Akl52    -- Aug-30-2019 @ 2:54 PM
  Hi all , thanks for the comments, We have had a few Broads boating holidays, only 3 , all with children ,and enjoyed each one,
I think boating will be a bit more relaxing minus the offspring !  work and finances got in the way previous but isn't so much of an issue now .
So still looking

Kind Regards,
Lorna &Allan

Calixte    -- Aug-30-2019 @ 3:08 PM
  Hi will send you a p.m Smile

Kindest Regards Mike

Calixte    -- Aug-30-2019 @ 3:11 PM
  "hi" you could try south quays as they some times have freehold moorings for sale at Horning.  Smile

Kindest Regards Mike

Dreamer    -- Aug-30-2019 @ 3:26 PM
  Not new to boating then but on the way to addiction maybe! I hope you find a suitable mooring then boat, it’s a great time looking at the possibilities and then making that big decision. Enjoy!

Akl52    -- Oct-21-2019 @ 5:34 PM
  Just to give an update , we are purchasing a Sealine S34, should arrive next week !   So the mooring we are seeking needs to be over  34 ft.  Went with the boat first mooring to fit option,

Kind Regards,
Lorna &Allan

ADI    -- Oct-21-2019 @ 6:39 PM
  herbert woods have some available to rent or buy with electric water and wifi included


Adrian  Michelle

Beck  Braydon and Mere.

Akl52    -- Dec-19-2019 @ 1:59 PM
  Another update , our boat is now in the water and moored at Brundall until April,  so we’re still searching a mooring to purchase, boat is 34 foot so needs to accommodate that, so please give us a heads up on any you become aware of and thanks to all suggestions and offers of help so far.

Kind Regards,
Lorna &Allan

Akl52    -- Sep-29-2020 @ 4:55 PM
  Hello all,  just to update we now have our mooring at Wayford on the Ant, a long search but worth it !
Thanks to all who responded with help and encouragement !
Our boat was caught up in lockdown at Brundall and the work booked for April has just been completed , we travelled from Brundall to Wroxham last week , probably move to Wayford in The next week .Really enjoyed our first trip in our boat,
Thanks again

Kind Regards,
Lorna &Allan

ruby    -- Sep-29-2020 @ 5:15 PM
  That is really good news. Hope it all goes well .

Keep safe


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