Topic: Dinghy sailing stretches?

windy76    -- Aug-25-2021 @ 9:20 AM
  Hello All,

I was hoping to pick the keen minds of the knowledgeable forum contingent on a sailing matter if I may.
What it is I’m looking for is a stretch of river between 70-200 metres long that is open to clean ( or cleanish) winds from a number of directions that blow across the river. So far so good but now the difficult stipulation is that the water at high tide needs to be level with the bank, so no reeds or long grasses to take the wind out of my dinghy sail. Hopefully when I get a foil dinghy I can pop the sail above the reeds but for now I remain grounded.  Breydon or broads like Hickling and Barton are fine but am looking for a stretch of river that would fit the bill if one might exist? Much appreciated.

turnoar    -- Aug-25-2021 @ 3:08 PM
  The initial stretch from Thurne mouth toward Acle perhaps?

windy76    -- Aug-25-2021 @ 3:37 PM
  Thankyou for the insight, with clean winds on the watery cross ways to Ludham or Hickling it should be a classic spot. Interesting tidal movements to spice things up.

Marshman    -- Aug-25-2021 @ 6:29 PM
  The stretch around Thurne Mouth will probably be nearest suited to your needs but I am afraid you will always get reeds disturbing your wind flow even at high tide.

However between Thurne Mill and just below Upton Dyke and the St Benets Abbey the other way is certainly one of the best areas to get consistent wind flow.

Be mindful though that this is a busy stretch of water and if you are moving quickly other boats may not recognise the issues and you would have to be very aware of this. Also in these areas the tide is relatively strong, especially on spring tides, and whilst it may have little or no impact on you, it will on others, especially the rag and stick brigade who may be performing in a less than predictable manner!! Smile

windy76    -- Aug-26-2021 @ 5:58 AM
  Good points there Marshman, thanks. I’m wandering if there might be a stretch of river upstream of Ludham bridge without reeds and clean winds or perhaps below the bridge. We will take a look see when around in October, when also I believe the weeds in the broads like Hickling will have started to die off.

Marshman    -- Aug-26-2021 @ 8:14 AM
  Nothing I am afraid until you get to Barton.

And the river is very busy, much narrower than the Bure and where even unpowered sailing cruisers can struggle if forced to tack!!! Scared

windy76    -- Aug-26-2021 @ 8:57 AM
  Good to know Marshman, what a asset to have the broads mapped out in your minds eye. A few years back I seem to remember Waxham cut on the sea side being devoid of reeds and the wind blows cleanly off the farmers fields depending on what’s in the menu.
My dinghy is embarrassingly only 8fts by 4ft at its widest point, so narrowness is not a issue. I should get a sticker saying “my other boats a Broom” and apply for membership of the Brundall navy really.

turnoar    -- Aug-26-2021 @ 6:52 PM
  Sounds like you need Google Riverview! Enjoy your sailing, in a decent autumn blow Thurne mouth is a lot of fun in a small dinghy.

Marshman    -- Aug-27-2021 @ 8:09 AM
  Forget about the Waxham Cut as although it has been dredged recently it just would not be wide enough - the western bank has a lot of tree cover as well so it would be a non starter.

Horsey however provides good sailing with few trees and is bigger than you think - as long as you keep out of the edges!!!

windy76    -- Aug-27-2021 @ 9:57 AM
  Yes Turnoar, I’m getting excited just thinking about the wild ride with plenty of wind spilling flappage and ploughs into the swells.

Appreciate that Marshman, it’s a long paddle to get To Waxham to be disappointed. I remember windsurfing Horsey 20+ years ago when I hadn’t much of a clue. I got very familiar with all the downwind edges  but the good thing about the Hickling and Horsey you could always walk home up to ones neck whilst releasing underfoot the sweet smelling marshgas!

GaryCantley    -- Aug-27-2021 @ 10:12 AM
  Come and join us on the Southern rivers, no where near as crowded.

I sail out of Brundall with the Scouts Saturdays, normally heading downriver and once at Buckenham, apart from Langley Woods, it's a good clean wind even though the majority is reed-lined.

There is the problem of the odd fisherman, aren't they all odd?, but they are even learning to accept us.



At the going down of
the sun
and in the morning,
we will
remember them.

windy76    -- Aug-27-2021 @ 10:47 AM
  Thankyou, yes I love sailing in the clean winds of the south where wherries and dinghys alike can really open them up in a blow. Also great to hear you’re out and about with the endurable Scouts, my whole rig consist of one cleat and a figure of eight knot which won’t be getting me dusting off the shirt to sow another badge on. Good sailings for your merry flotilla.

Edit thought. If the reed harvesters could be tempted with refreshments at Cantley then the stretch towards Norwich from Cantley to de reed would make a class run.

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