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fragileuk    -- Jul-29-2021 @ 11:57 AM
  We plan a 7 day trip with 2 boats in early OCT there are 11 of us and 1 lab.  This is a big family celebration for my husband and Is 30th wedding anniversary - all adults. we start at potter Heigham.  Looking for a route and good pub/ meal stops on route.  Any advise welcome.  With handover as late a 5pm would we make Thurne for our first stop and should we book the Lion at Thurne if 11 of us are turning up. Then what would be a good itinerary after that.  Some are very active and will want time off the boat for walking, cycling or kayaking. Any good locations for the hire of canoes and bikes (e-bike for me lol would be good)  


Helmsman1946    -- Jul-29-2021 @ 7:35 PM
  An initial thought is to be mindful of dawn / dusk times in October & the need to check venues are open as who knows what Covid will be putting on us by then.

fragileuk    -- Jul-29-2021 @ 9:34 PM
  the dusk part is why I think we will only make it the Thurne on the first day.  Was thinking that worst case is we don't even get out of the boat yard if hand over is late we could just drive there and back.  

If Covid takes off again (pray not) then we won't be going as I am in recovery from Leukaemia. Even going on this trip is a big step for me as I haven't been in any other building other than my house or a hospital since last Feb. We plan to wrap up & try eat outside where that is possible.  (we even had xmas day outside ) Really hope for all our sakes another case explosion doesn't happen.


Hylander    -- Jul-30-2021 @ 6:31 AM
  Being sensible at that time of year as has been said about the shorter days and also being in the lap of the Gods as far as getting away in the first place,  I might even suggest you spent the first night at Womack Water, you can walk to a pub from there.   You can also fill up with water.   I gather the water hose has one speed and that drip drip but it does fill you up eventually.    As so many of you I would definitely book up if you want to eat any of the evenings.   A lot of folk to cook for I know but cannot someone walk over to the Hot Dog Stall there at Potter and get a load of hot dogs or fish and chips rather than all of the stress of getting away, unpacking and haring down the river to get to a pub.    There is a pub in Potter.

I love to cook and cater but 11 of you, I think I would be on my toes as the thought of that challenge.

Dont forget to print out the Tide Time Table at the foot of this page.   It shows all tides plus daylight times etc. phases of the moon.

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hedgehog    -- Jul-30-2021 @ 6:45 PM
  Not the busiest time of year but getting mooring space  for two boats at either Womack, or Thurne Dyke is not guaranteed. Might be worth , if not already mentioned , either staying in yard on first night or taking supplies on board and mud weighting on Womack water then getting an early start to begin your hols. Hopefully you will get a spot where you can all get off and get to the pub

billmaxted    -- Jul-31-2021 @ 8:35 AM
  Given all your circumstances I would be inclined to let Woods know in advance that you are likely to stay in the yard overnight but that you would like the handover demo done for both boats that first evening and would be grateful if they could help you into a nice berth so that you can leave at the crack of dawn without causing any fuss.  That way they should ensure you have shorepower which might be important if the batteries are not fully charged. You could then drive to a pub but I guess might not want to jf you have come along way.  Why not call into Stalham TESCO and pick up a pair of ready cooked chickens  You will have two cookers, remember to get some kitchen foil to parcel them up and get some spuds frozen peas and a nice pud! If you move the table from one boat to the other you can all dine together in wheelhouse and saloon.

In the morning start early just have an early morning cuppa and get underway Womak Thurne or wherever timing your arrival to coincide with others leaving their overnight moorings then have your breakfast take a walk or whatever. Leave when others are looking to moor up for lunch and you will have a peaceful cruise to a late lunch when others are setting off for the afternoon. Playful Wink

Bill...(The Ancient Mardler)

Hylander    -- Jul-31-2021 @ 8:51 AM
  Wise words Bill.  

How about 5 ready cooked chickens and then you will have plenty over for sandwiches or wraps the following  days.

Women dont nag they just
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steve    -- Jul-31-2021 @ 9:12 AM
  Hi there
If you arrive there after lunchtime, and report in at reception just let them know your there and like to park your vechiles up ,they'll update you ,and go for walk around or have a cup of tea/ coffee , bite to eat across the road at bridgestones ,or cafe area in lathams or burger van in woods car park, you'll probably have your hand over , trail done before 5 pm , and on your way ,so could be at Thurne dyke for the evening , it's not school holidays, can't see there being a problem,

steve and vicky
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pargeandmarge    -- Jul-31-2021 @ 10:26 AM
  Hi to you and all that are going to enjoy the Broads with you.
What Steve has just said makes sense.
Another set of options, we haven't eaten there since it changed hands is The Falgate Arms in Potter about 5 to 10 minute walk from Herbert Woods (there have been a couple of positive reports on this forum).
Or there is a very good Indian in Stalham called the Oasis and they will deliver to your boat.
Or there is another Indian just up the road in Reps which is good called The Indian Kitchen and they will deliver to your boat.
We normally meet either in the car park next to the burger bar.
You could leave The Lion until your return leaving you a nice short cruise before you hand your boats back.
I must say that Broadstones is very good but closes at 5pm.
We have never tried the fish and chip shop as we are very fussy about fish and chips.
What ever you decide enjoy your holiday and all will be fine.
Kindest Regards
Marge and Parge

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