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lindyloo    -- Jul-27-2008 @ 4:14 PM
  Hi guys
Advice please -We are hiring Windsor Bridge from Acle starting 09/08/08
Any thoughts on the boat - we have been to broads before but looking to try put Southern Broads for 1st time. I hate having t planthe holiday - would rather go wotht he flow but we do need to plan going thos GYarmouth as we do not want to moor here.

We will be collecing boat as soon as it is ready on Saturday 9 August - probably about 2pm ish and want to get through GY as soon as we can.  I am anticipating this is going to be Sunday around 11.30 looking at tide tables - what are your thoughts- where would you suggest we moor up.  - we will ahve a dinghy if that would help us

Dont think there is any chace going through Saturday

Dibbler    -- Jul-29-2008 @ 10:07 AM
  You won't be able to get through on the Saturday as the Slack Water passage time is 23:24. Apart from the fact that you shouldn't run a hireboat after dark, that trip might be a bit of an adrenalin rush at night!

Seriously though, the Sunday morning time of 11:35 is ideal...especially for a first time.

The usual 'staging' points to wait for your Yarmouth time slot are Stokesby and Stracey but these wouldn't really give you much cruising time from an Acle pick up. Both spots are well worth a visit though.

If you're picking up Windsor Bridge at around 2pm, you could make your way upstream towards Thurne Mouth. There are some new moorings on the right at Boundary Farm, Oby or there are moorings at Thurne Mouth and, of course, Thurne Dyke itself.

The slight problem with this move is that on the Sunday, as you'll be around 3 hours or so from Yarmouth, you'll need to be setting off around 08:15am which may not be so well received by the maggot-drowners on the Acle stretch between the bridge and the Thurne Mouth. There are notices asking boaters to avoid this stretch until after 09:00am on a Sunday.

If it was me, I'd head (very slowly) for Stokesby. Reasonable moorings available (especially at the time you'll be arriving there), fairly decent pub and the village is a picture-postcard place.


lindyloo    -- Jul-30-2008 @ 7:15 PM
  Many thanks for the advice - and to those whose posts have now dissappeared  - i did see several posts that are not now there.

I am considering booking slot at Ferry Inn, at Stokesby and may well go up north a while before heading to Stokesby

janeandandrew    -- Jul-31-2008 @ 3:15 PM
  Might see you as we are on Beam of Light from Potter Heigham the same week .

We are also nervously considering a trip down south but not sure we are up to it yet .

Was interested in your comment about booking a slot at the Ferry Inn . Can you ring ahead to pubs and book a mooring place in advance ?

Dibbler    -- Jul-31-2008 @ 3:30 PM
  At some pubs you can...The Ferry at Stokesby is one of them.

Others include :-

Hotel Wroxham
The Swan, Horning
The Bridge Inn, Acle


Jeremy-Aslan    -- Aug-14-2012 @ 10:57 PM
  I have a variation on this dilemna.  I plan to be setting off in my boat from near Ludham around lunchtime on Sat 25th Aug, and particularly want to head for Norwich (not having taken my boat there yet).  The slack water time at Yarmouth is around midnight and then midday on Sunday.

How viable would it be to head through Yarmoth that Saturday night?

I am very experienced at handling my boat on the Broads in the dark, and have done many sea passages and harbour entries in sea-going craft.  I'm figuring that one of the hardest bits might be turning in the ebb at the Yacht Station to drop the rig, then turning again with loads of mast sticking out behind me in the dark in the narrow channel.

Does the 'Yellow Post' (presumably an East Cardinal) have a light on it?  Seeing Breydon Bridge should be  easy.  There should be a nearly full moon, so I'd have a good chance of being able to follow the posts across Breydon, and tuck in at Berney Arms around 1.00 am.  Could be a fun way to start the week on board!

Or should I be really boring and moor overnight at Stokeby  Smile

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BroadAmbition    -- Aug-14-2012 @ 11:24 PM
  I'd go for the night passage just for the hell of it.  This is a trip on my bucket list I've yet to accomplish (Night Nav across Breydon).

As far as I'm aware the Yellow post does NOT have a light on it, neither do any of the posts so if there is no moonlight it will make for an interesting passage.

You would think in todays technical age the BA would put solar powered LED lights on the posts, even reflective bands on the top of em would be a start


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Charlie    -- Aug-15-2012 @ 2:42 AM
  I've not night navved breydon but have done it very late in the evening which was fine.
Have also done it in very thick fog, which was considerably more nerve wracking as it wasn't actually possible to see from one post to the next in places. I'm guessing thats similar to a cloudy, moon free night and not really am experience I'd like to repeat.

At the back of mind was always the thought that if I cocked it all up then the fog would clear to show a helpful forumite with a camera ready to post up a piccie of my mistake. I kept wondering how I could cover up all identifying marks on the boat so I could claim innocence.


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waterbuoy    -- Aug-15-2012 @ 8:54 AM
  Charlie wrote

At the back of mind was always the thought that if I cocked it all up then the fog would clear to show a helpful forumite with a camera ready to post up a piccie of my mistake. I kept wondering how I could cover up all identifying marks on the boat so I could claim innocence.

You could always say it was Crossbow, your sister ship.  Wink

I have yet to take to Breydon in Crossbow. I did it on a 20ft Mayland on only a couple of occasions. The first time with an experienced Broads boater. The second time my little outboard gave up the ghost (temporarily) just going under Vauxhall Bridge, going up stream. No outboard means no steerage. OOHH!


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Tim    -- Aug-15-2012 @ 10:35 AM
  Dont worry to much about the Yarmouth end there's plenty of light as far as Breydon bridge the main problem up the channel is the gaps in the posts it can be difficult to work out if you are in the channel, if you follow the starboard posts you get to a gap see a post ahead but is it a starboard one or port one ? because you cant see the line of the starboard posts and the post at the end of the gap is out of sight.

I have a hand held search light and end up on deck with it to have a look round without losing to much night vision.

Up at the Berney it is difficult to spot the last starboard post and the end of the groyne.
Goodchilds is always well lit so that is the standby destination.

If you decide on the Sunday midday crossing make sure everything is secure onboard as there will be a lot of craft enjoying their Bank Holiday blast on Breydon expect some interesting manoeuvres and a lot of wake.

Many Thanks Tim

Jeremy-Aslan    -- Aug-15-2012 @ 4:28 PM
  Thanks for the thoughts so far  -  I think I prefer the risks of a night passage to coping with the wake from boats having a 'blast'.  As a fairly short vessel with low freeboard and not wanting the mast to be thrashed about in it's lowered position, I might not enjoy that.

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Speleologist    -- Aug-15-2012 @ 5:01 PM
  Night passage would be my choice. If you have a crew member they can be parked on the foredeck with a light to illuninate posts. So long as they never shine it aft, you'll keep your night vision.

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Regulo    -- Aug-16-2012 @ 8:02 PM
  We (Dave and I) also took on Breydon in an early morning foggy crossing, South to North, and were at times completely out of sight of any posts. Most disconcerting and quite an uncomfortable feeling. We got across OK, though, and annoyingly, by the time we passed the Marina Keys it was a crystal clear, sunny morning! Not an experience I'd like to repeat.

Regards, Ray.

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jaguar    -- Aug-16-2012 @ 8:07 PM
Not an experience I'd like to repeat.

bit like you buying a round then lol  Evil Grin  Evil Grin  Evil Grin


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Regulo    -- Aug-16-2012 @ 9:48 PM
  Last time you looked in your wallet, there were 2 Groats, and a White fiver, all hidden under a layer of moth eggs. Playful Wink

Regards, Ray.

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JonS1959    -- Aug-17-2012 @ 9:31 AM
  Personally, and probably unpopular on here, I would stop at Yarmouth on the Saturday if you can. Besides the market (chip stalls) Yarmouth have pulled their socks up recently and opened a number of museums on the South Quay area which are very entertaining for both young and old (I am imagining the young bit of course). Also a trip down Regent Road will leave you with the impression that you are truly are an alpha male or female, worth it for the self esteem alone.

Joking aside I do recommend the attractions, after all credit where credit is due Yarmouth BC are making an effort.


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