Topic: Staithe ‘n’ Willow up for sale

steve    -- Jan-26-2021 @ 7:26 PM

steve and vicky
( apparently a moaner)

ruby    -- Jan-26-2021 @ 7:42 PM
  Looks a bargain until you realise that with only a three year lease you are effectively paying a rent of £1000 a week.

Need to sell a lot of afternoon teas and fish and chips to start making a profit.


TerryTibbs    -- Jan-27-2021 @ 5:27 PM
  As Ruby says, it’s not a sale of the property but a sale of a short lease, even when you’ve paid that, you still have to pay rent, wasn’t a great deal when the current  tenants took it over, now it would be financial suicide.


if it is to be it is up to me.

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