Topic: Replace newly affixed boat name

chrisg149    -- Jun-7-2021 @ 6:34 PM
  I unthinkingly misspelt a new name transfer affixed to my small 18ft hull!  The boat had been lifted out, professionally cleaned and anti-foul prior to the new (incorrect) name. I feel too embarrassed to return to the yard. Can I tackle the job myself in the water? Will the incorrect transfer, just a few weeks old, easily remove? Where can I get a new name transfer made?

Lincoln    -- Jun-7-2021 @ 7:25 PM
  You can easily remove it use a hair drier to heat the letters or do it when the sun is on it they will come off easily
Any sign maker will do you a new one and won’t be that expensive

chrisg149    -- Jun-7-2021 @ 9:04 PM
  Thanks forum. So attempting on a sunny day berthed in a marina should be okay. I assume I need to heat and scrape off; but am concerned about damaging the hull. Is there a video/good description somewhere of the process? Anyone suggest a Norwich/Broads (boat application) sign maker?

Steve51    -- Jun-8-2021 @ 5:45 AM
  As Lincoln has said, a hair dryer will do the trick. If you gently warm each letter then pick at a corner with your fingernail, they will peel off quite easily. No scraping required. Do be careful with the hair dryer though, 230 volts and water and all that.  Scared

Steve. CM1 and NR12

flash    -- Jun-8-2021 @ 6:28 AM
  If it helps the landlady at Dog Pub, Ludham made my mine. She has all the necessary computers & printers in a garden office rear of the pub. Cant remember her sign making business name.


Dzign    -- Jun-8-2021 @ 7:57 AM
  Be careful if it's been painted and not prepared properly, it could pull some of the paint.


annville    -- Jun-8-2021 @ 4:02 PM
  If it's been sign writion with paint oven off will lift the paint with out damaging the gel coat althorough if been on a long time the sun will have bleached the gel coat but paint would have protected that part of gel coat so will see a faint outline. John

chrisg149    -- Jun-9-2021 @ 9:51 AM
  Thanks forum. Fortunately, due to freshly laid incorrect lettering, I was able to easily pick it off with my thumbnail. I'll obtain a fresh transfer for the corrected letters and carefully apply. Thanks again fab forum.  

Bluebell    -- Jun-9-2021 @ 5:50 PM
  Good to hear a happy outcome.

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