Topic: Where do i find a speedometer ?

Resolution    -- Jul-5-2009 @ 3:03 PM
  Having spent some time reading about speeding boats [on another thread,] i was  wondering how and where we could purchase a speedometer.? Our boat is powered by a 15hp outboard but nevertheless we have no visable means of checking our speed.
Having read that going to slow is also against the law,we would like to keep a check on it.
many thanks ,Barry  

Craig    -- Jul-5-2009 @ 3:10 PM
  The best speedo for a boat is a cheap GPS (global positioning system) - these can be bought for less than £100 and not only give you your location, but also yoour speed over the ground (water) and your heading

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kfurbank    -- Jul-5-2009 @ 3:16 PM

As Craig has mentioned a cheap Garmin Etrex or similar will give you a good speed read out. The speed byelaws are measured as speed over ground, not through water, so an Etrex is fine for this.

With regards to your last comment, there is no law about going too slow. It should be remembered that the speed limits are maximum speeds, not targets to be reached. Indeed if your wash becomes too great before you reach the speed limit, then you should still slow down. Basically go at whatever speed you feel comfortable with, that is below the limit.


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Baz    -- Jul-5-2009 @ 4:56 PM
  Hiya Barry,

I use an Etrex, great. I got mine on Ebay for £45, and does the job


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Mowjo    -- Jul-5-2009 @ 7:52 PM
  Yup! I use the Garmin E/TrexG because I'm posher than Baz, got mine set so it shows speed, time of day, time moving, distance, sun-set and average speed, push the button and it shows NSE&W so compass, push button again and it shows you where you've been, only a black wiggly line but great fun when you zoom in, it's even got a bit that tells you the best time of day to fish, moonphase and other bits that I havn't used, but If I have a good day fishing somewhere I add it as a waypoint, handy for finding the same spot again, so all in all a great bit of kit, great fun and worth every penny, and now I've also seen that Argos sell them,,


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