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Crosbyman1958    -- Jan-24-2022 @ 4:07 PM
  Hello I am looking for a broads cruiser, something like a Bourne 30/35 or a Seamaster 30 or a traditional wooden vessel. The craft must be in exceelent to immaculate condition with the addition if a mooring being a bonus.  Funds awaiting for the right boat.  Cheers John

Karen&Mike    -- Jan-24-2022 @ 7:04 PM
  Hi Crosbyman

I can see you've started 4 or 5 threads on this topic in  recent months.

You may not be aware, but it's actually not necessary to start a new discussion each time, you can simply add to the original thread you started, which is likely quite useful for anyone who might be able to help, as there may have been other relevant detail or info already covered. Once you add an up to date comment to a thread , it will appear again at the top of the current threads list, so please dont think it won't be seen by anyone and thus not bring you any replies.

I'll close this thread off and delete it  tomorrow , to give you time to see this , then I suggest you pick which one of your previous threads has the most pertinent details, and make that your ongoing discussion by simply posting up again as an update by copying and pasting what you've written here.

Hope that all makes sense, and good luck with your search.


"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

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