Topic: Wanted: Bath tub style boat - 32foot or less

WaterPumpkin    -- Sep-22-2012 @ 9:08 PM
  Hi everyone

I'm looking to buy a bath tub style boat, ( forward helm position and all one level.) In good condition preferably from about 1995 or younger, something like an alpha or aquafibre preferably from a private owner.
I've looked through the usual places and haven't found anything suitable so please feel free to give me an email or private message if you know of anything suitable.



wizbas    -- Sep-23-2012 @ 7:42 AM
  hi, try royalls boatyard, they had an aquafibre opal 28 for sale.
i think it was advertised on boatshed norfolk.

steve    -- Sep-23-2012 @ 8:00 AM
  hi there ,
as per above try here they are both still for sale ,

steve and vicky

Mercator    -- Sep-23-2012 @ 7:09 PM
Last week we heard that NYA at Horning had one coming up soon

Steve & Maggie.

Not quite an ancient mariner ..... though some say he was at sea before Pontius was a pilate !

graham1    -- Sep-24-2012 @ 3:16 PM
  waterside at potter just got a tidy bounty in

WaterPumpkin    -- Sep-24-2012 @ 9:14 PM
  Many thanks

Unfortunately I can't persuade the other half to live with the orange of Roayalls boat and the Bounty at waterside is a little old for me.

I'll give NYA a call to to find out the details of this possible new boat.

Thanks again

psychicsurveyor    -- Sep-24-2012 @ 11:41 PM
  Hi, depending on budget, look at the topliner, very pleased with our purchase earlier in the year.
we had one supplied with a recent nanni engine rather than the original perkins, at a few thousand less than the advertised price,well worth a cheeky offer if that is your type and budget.
Good hunting


Some days all I need is to have a
beer and be afloat.

WaterPumpkin    -- Sep-25-2012 @ 9:05 PM
  Thanks for the Topliner suggestion - although they produce a good use of space the design doesn't quite work for me.


psychicsurveyor    -- Sep-25-2012 @ 9:11 PM
  They look better from the inside :D


Some days all I need is to have a
beer and be afloat.

finny    -- Sep-25-2012 @ 9:48 PM

And a great name also


Trevor    -- Sep-26-2012 @ 11:51 AM
  Have you looked at Boatshead Norfolk as they have one on their pages lying at Stalham. The one at NYA I see has now been sold.

Trevor & Deirdre

WaterPumpkin    -- Sep-27-2012 @ 12:41 AM
  Thanks for all the replies.
Ideally I've been looking for something under £50,000 and younger than 1998, of which I've found nothing suitable yet. If anyone hears of anything please let me know.


LEEDS1950    -- Sep-27-2012 @ 1:07 PM
  HI i may own exactly what you are looking for ?
PM me when you are ready and i will send pictures etc . Not for sale any where .

WaterPumpkin    -- Oct-6-2012 @ 4:11 AM
  Hi - I've sent you a PM.


LEEDS1950    -- Oct-7-2012 @ 7:56 PM
  please pm me again i can not see your reply , thanks

Maffman100    -- Oct-7-2012 @ 8:13 PM
  Have you seen this one:


According to the details it has been a hireboat but only for three years.


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