Topic: Fantastic February half term

mamadi    -- Feb-23-2019 @ 6:11 AM
  Arrived back home after my first holiday on the broads in February. To say we dropped lucky with the weather was an under statement!
Only 17 hire cruisers out according to Herbert woods.
Day one. Set off to Ranworth, no queuing,, nice meal at the maltsters.
Day two, set off to Wroxham managed to get into faircraft, at a look at their boats.
Day three, booked two holidays with Faircraft, oct 19; oct 20. Entrepreneur can’t think of the other one of the top of my head. Set off fir horning.
Managed to get free mooring booked table at the swan..unfortunately they had a power cut and headed uptown the new inn. Lovely meal.
Day four dog decides to go for a swim, lucky enough this was her only time., pumpout and water, young lad at south gates was so helpful. Set off to Stalham, I was in no rush as I knew there would be space, sorry folks if you thought I was going tooo slow but I needed the pace after a hectic nearly six months at school. Moored at Richardson’s . I cooked on boat, which was nice with a bottle of red.
Day five, head off to Womack staithe, for the carvery at the kings head. It was tight getting back under Ludham bridge. Just loved cruising and hardly seeing anyone.....1100 revs, all the way, no wash..only us moored up for the night and wasn’t disappointed with meal.
Day six, head upto Acle, filled up with water and decided to go to Thurne dyke .Sorry guys but I didn’t enjoy the meal, hubby had the pie and it had been microwaved and looked like a Tesco pie. It was dark in there I had to use the flashlight on my phone to read the menu. Starter was nice, but mains nothing to shout about.
Day seven, what a beautiful morning, set off to st Bennett’s abbey so hubby can try out his new camera.
Sat for ages on the bench, just watching the ducks and listening to the fish jumping. I really did not want to go home.
Had a cruise down to Womack staith for dinner.
After dinner set off back to HW, had to cut holiday early. Daniel my son is in the air cadets,someone had dropped out and Daniel was the next on the list for a flying lesson with them.
Staff at HW where so friendly and helpful.
Back home now and cannot wait until October.

Many thanks

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Steve51    -- Feb-23-2019 @ 7:25 AM
  So c'mon, did you enjoy it or not?  Smile  Sounds like you've been well and truly bitten by the bug!

I did notice in the Lion at Thurne thread you made a complaint about the pie. In this thread you say went to Upton Dyke and didn't like the pie. Just for clarity, was it the Lion or White Horse you went to?

Steve. CM1 and NR12

Harrietbrandon    -- Feb-23-2019 @ 9:17 AM
  Well spotted Steve

If the problem with the pie was indeed at the White Horse, Upton then perhaps a mention on the Lion thread would be in order as Pubman was kind enough to respond. As an aside the standards at the Lion are very high.


mamadi    -- Feb-23-2019 @ 9:23 AM
  Sorry Thurne Dyke..the Lion.
Yes I will be back next February as well. Loved the quietness of the river, reminded me of boating On the river Shannon.
I have been on and off going to the broads for the last 48yrs, there’s no other place like it.

Many thanks

Steve51    -- Feb-23-2019 @ 12:21 PM
  Horse, lion, head, tail, leg on each corner. Easy mistake to make. Playful Wink

Steve. CM1 and NR12

avg45    -- Feb-23-2019 @ 1:05 PM
  Sounds as if the chef is the same as I had at the White Horse at Neatished last year. The pastry on my pie there was rock hard as well and only 1/8" thick. Everyone on this Forum say's that the food there is great, but I beg to differ.  Smile

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drinking was
bad for you, so I have
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steve    -- Feb-23-2019 @ 1:17 PM
  Blimey didn't know that every member on this forum eats there ? Personally I haven't been there for a good amount of years

steve and vicky
( apparently a moaner)

avg45    -- Feb-25-2019 @ 7:06 PM
  You haven't missed much Steve, if you order the pie at the White Horse, Neatished, you have to order potatoes/chips extra as they don't come with the Pie!!!! I will give it a miss in the future  .

I read somewhere that
drinking was
bad for you, so I have
given up Reading.

Dreamer    -- Feb-26-2019 @ 11:55 AM
  avg45 - the menu for the White Horse at Neatishead clearly says that the meat pie comes with chips or mashed potato. Are you sure you’re talking about the correct White Horse? There seem to be quite a few scattered around Broadland.

Karen&Mike    -- Feb-26-2019 @ 10:45 PM
  Mamadi - you were indeed blessed with the weather , and there was me earlier in the year warning of icy quay headings and cold nights! Lol.

I bet when we are down pretty soon to get some jobs done on our boat ( fingers crossed we can do this), it will be back to cold and frosty starts. We've had a few snowy trips at or around Easter over the years  Gasp  even when's it fallen in April!

Glad you enjoyed your trip. There's nothing quite like being on the water and the Broads has much to offer.

Regards, Karen

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Pubman    -- Feb-28-2019 @ 7:57 PM
  thanks dreamer for the help there!

it is a sad day when we are still talking pies...

as dreamer states they come with chips or mash at no extra cost.

now lets all enjoy the lovely holiday tales

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