Topic: Celebration

shakespeare    -- Nov-5-2018 @ 10:38 AM
  A very two-sided week it was...

Good side: had the river to ourselves much of the time and no problems finding moorings (even at Ranworth), as most places had half-term the week before. A nice surprise for me.

Bad side: when it wasn't simply b****y cold it was b****y cold AND b****y wet! The boat was not in good condition either - you would not recognize her as almost identical to Royall Solitaire!

Never mind, managed to have a reasonable time adn dine at the Acle Bridge Inn for my 70th.


Yorkie    -- Nov-5-2018 @ 12:01 PM
  Glad there was at least a good side to it and you enjoyed your 70th.

Which boat was it?

I guess this was the last week for hiring for most companies so all hire boats will be looking a wee bit shabby now.

regards, Yorkie

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