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stephenh    -- Sep-13-2005 @ 9:28 PM
  Does anyone know the maximum length of boat you can take up Catfield Dyke with a reasonable chance of turning round at the public moorings at the end?

Thanks in advance,

Paul    -- Sep-13-2005 @ 9:43 PM
  I don't know of a specific maximum recommended length, but I've never seen anything longer than about 25ft up there, here's the turning point right near the road...

Craig    -- Sep-13-2005 @ 9:45 PM
  Oo - I reckon you could turn a 40ft boat in the basin on Paul's photo - but don't blame me if you get stuck Evil Grin

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mudplugger    -- Sep-13-2005 @ 10:59 PM
  The boats you can see in Paul's photo are all on private moorings, one of which is mine. You won't turn anything longer than 18ft in those dykes, that's if you can find space.

As for turning a 40-footer in the entrance to the private dyke you can see opposite the BA moorings, it's difficult enough to turn a 25-footer if anyone is moored at the public staithe immediately opposite. Anything much larger and you run the risk of hitting the boats moored in the dyke.

There used to be a notice at the entrance to Catfield Dyke, warning of restricted room to manoeuvre but I haven't noticed it there. Also, up to a few weeks ago, due to reeds the channel was about half its normal width but BA had one of their reedcutting boats moored at the staithe the other day so this may have improved.

stephenh    -- Sep-14-2005 @ 12:46 AM
  Think I detect a slight note of panic in that, Mudplugger!  Scared

Ok, I promise not to try and bring 32 ft of wooden boat up there in ten days time.  Smile


billmaxted    -- Sep-14-2005 @ 7:38 AM
  Welcome Stephen,

If you look on one of the earlier where's this quizzes you will see a photo of another members 35ft boat moored there pointing towards the way out so you should be OK. Pretty little spot

"Actually I'm very good at going sideways until I want to moor that is!!!"  Bill...

Paul    -- Sep-14-2005 @ 8:57 AM
  Here's the view looking the other way, from the ground and 800 ft....

Looks pretty tight to me Bill .....   Smile

billmaxted    -- Sep-14-2005 @ 9:41 AM
  The thread and picture I was talking about is here

"Actually I'm very good at going sideways until I want to moor that is!!!"  Bill...

mudplugger    -- Sep-14-2005 @ 9:47 AM
  Me, panic? Naa  Wink

My boat's relatively out of harms way but I've seen a few 30+ footers having difficulty turning, with or without anyone else moored at the staithe. Of course it's largely down to the skipper's competence but I would have thought 35 ft was about the maximum that could be turned safely there.

I think the limit the owner of the moorings puts on boats is about 25ft, which is a comfortable size to handle as long as there isn't anything big moored at the right hand part of the staithe. I was told that the little sailing cruiser you can see moored on the corner in Paul's first photo had its transom smashed by a Woods hire cruiser the season nefore last.

It is, as Bill says, a pretty spot. No facilities but a pleasant place to relax and watch the resident kingfishers and herons. Popular with human fishcatchers too - there is a club based there, just before the public staithe is reached.

A few boats manage to visit Catfield Common staithe not far from the mouth of the dyke (you'd have to reverse out) but the channel is very narrow and was much overgrown the last time I passed it.

kfurbank    -- Sep-22-2005 @ 12:04 AM

As Bill mentioned I did indeed manage to get my boat up their earlier on in the year and moored up behind a private ex Woods 40ft boat, it had moved by the time I took the picture, glad I wasn't a little later and met it on the way out Smile I was planning to go there over the last eleven days, but the water at Potter bridge conspired against me  Mad

Turning at the end wasn't to bad, the secret is just to take it very very easy and also watch out for crosswinds in the narrow dyke on the way down.

I notice on my OS map a pub located in Catfield which looks to be about a three quarter mile walk, is it still there? and if so whats it like?


mudplugger    -- Sep-22-2005 @ 9:19 AM
  Hi Keith,

The pub is the Catfield Crown. Very good food last time I was there and cheerful staff - something often sadly missing in Broads pubs these days.

woodwose    -- Sep-22-2005 @ 1:57 PM
  The Crown at Catfield is quite an interesting pub. It has got an entry in the pubs section at the botton of this page.


PizzaLover    -- Sep-22-2005 @ 4:25 PM
  Is the depth OK for a yacht?

fendoff    -- Sep-22-2005 @ 4:51 PM
  Yes if it will float in a pint mug  Evil Grin  Cheers


mudplugger    -- Sep-22-2005 @ 5:22 PM
  The depth has been as low as a foot in places this summer but is generally around 3ft 6inches in centre channel.

Fortunately, I sail a lifting keel yacht and I always raise it to about 3ft draught as soon as I'm in the approach channel to Catfield. The dyke was dredged a few years ago but there's a definite bar at the entrance.

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