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T.P.Flanagan    -- Jul-26-2010 @ 7:07 PM
  For the first time we have organised 2 mudweights for our Le Boat Emperor to assist in our fishing. Now no doubt there will be many aspects of using these that we have not considerd so can anyone advise us on the likely problems, and precautions we need to be aware of? and the best techniques to obtain the maximum benefit of using them please TP

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BroadAmbition    -- Jul-26-2010 @ 10:51 PM

I'm an experienced skipper of the 'Two Mudweight' method. Been doing it for an age on hire boats and still do, we have two mudweights onboard 'B.A' too.

I'll herewith describe the lot as best as I can, You already know some of this otherwise you wouldn't have asked for a second mudweight so bear with it for those that don't have a scooby doo.

Problem 1) - You can't moor to the bank for whatever reason but there really is a TV programme you want to watch. Mudweighting will result in the boat swinging around and the aerial losing the signal strength

Problem 2) - You want to mudweight on a Broad for fishing, putting ground bait down and hitting the same spot with your tackle, mudweighting will result in the boat swing around and losing your target area

Problem 3) - You want or have to mudweight out on a Broad for whatever reason but the wx forecast gives increasing wind strength overnight, thereby the risk of dragging, more so on some broads and/or areas of certain Broads with hard bottoms (Barton is a good example)

Solution 1) and 2) - find your chosen spot and brief your crew. You need one crew member on the foc'sle and one crew member on the stern. Secure mudweight ropes at their very end to the cleats. Come slowy head into wind and then stop. Deploy fwd mudweight only, then go very slowly astern. Once the fwd mudweight rope has weight on it disengage astern propulsion and immediatly instruct the stern mudweight crew member to throw the aft mudweight as far out as he/she can dead astern. Shut down engine and let the boat settle down, then adjust the slack out of both Fwd and Aft mudwieght ropes equally. You should then be held into wind and steady for the night enabling a sort of acceptable tv picture and excellent target fishing.

Solution 3) - find your chosen spot and brief your crew. You need ideally two crew members on the foc'sle but one will suffice. Secure mudweight ropes at their very end to the cleats. Come slowy head into wind and then stop. Deploy both fwd mudweight at around 30 odd degrees to each other then go very slowly astern to set them. Once both ropes have equal weight on them disengage astern propulsion, shut down engine and let the boat settle down, then adjust out some of the slack out of both Fwd ropes equally to minimise the swinging circle. You should then be held into wind and steady for the night on two mudweights enabling a confident nights sleep.  This method is to be avoided in any sort of very strong wind/gale though

Hope this helps and well done you for having the nounce to have a go at it.

Problems - None that can see if followed correctly and crew know what is expected of them. Obvious dangers to avoid are not securing end of mudweight ropes before deploying, crew slipping if incorrect footwear, aft rope fouling prop if propulsion not disenged before deployment and aged crew members suffering a back problem.  Oh and remember in the morning to lift the aft mudweight before engaging propulsion. Other problems for the fishermen amonst you is line hooking the damn mudweight ropes - really annoying that is so pay attention to their location.

Edited cos I missed the last bit and the spelling could have been better - Now there is a surprise eh?


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T.P.Flanagan    -- Jul-27-2010 @ 12:03 PM
  Griff many thanks for your advice. you have rightly identified my needs ie FISHING.

Clearly wind direction and strength are important [learnt a lot about that during my gliding days] but your advice will be most helpfull thanks.

One more question not being very good on computers how do i print off Griffs excellent advice please i would like to take on the boat for referrence [any copyrite Griff?]


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Batfink    -- Jul-27-2010 @ 12:44 PM

Should just be a case of highlighting the appropriate text in Griff's post (click and drag until it's all selected) then go to File>Print.

You can choose to print just the selected text rather than the whole page. Depending on what browser you're using this might be in various places.

I've attached a PDF file as well which you can open and print straight off.

Hope this helps.

T.P.Flanagan    -- Jul-27-2010 @ 1:47 PM
  Batfink thanks very much all printed off and ready to go.

This really is a brilliant site so helpfull and informative for all, will definetly  be making a donation soon!

And so very different from another I wont name!!!

Will be up on the 7th August if you see grey haired  old git on an Emperor 45 give us a wave??????????????  Smile  Wink

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Batfink    -- Jul-27-2010 @ 1:57 PM

We'll be up for a week starting on the 14th, so depending on how long you're about for we may catch you. Where are you setting out from? We'll be going from Richardsons at Stalham.

We'll keep an eye out for you.

Enjoy your trip.

T.P.Flanagan    -- Jul-27-2010 @ 7:08 PM
  Batfink unfortunately only up for week head back down south on the 14th next year 2weeks !!!!!!!!


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BroadAmbition    -- Jul-27-2010 @ 7:33 PM


I forgot a point of safety that can be annoying at the time but somewhat amusing afterwards.

If whilst mudweighting you decide for a trip ashore to the pub or wherever by your tender if you have one, and it is going to be dark when you return to the boat,


At this time of year it shouldn't be a problem but in the autumn/winter months if there is no moon or little light pollution about then it can get a tad awkward. On a few occasions we have came out of a pub late at night only to see inky blackness on the Broad and a right job finding the boat. Shining powerfull torches on other boats with the crews asleep is not really on either. Nowadays of course we have 'B.A' sorted as there is a 360deg white light on top of our flag mast that is always on if we are on a mudweight overnight and if our with the hire boats (Lads week) then as stated a light is left on.


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ncsl    -- Jul-27-2010 @ 7:52 PM
  Another ting to remember is if you mud weight in a broad and get a lift ashore to the pub.

Remember to arrange a lift back to your boat when the pub closes!!!!!!.

Right Griff ????    lol !

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T.P.Flanagan    -- Jul-27-2010 @ 7:54 PM
  Thanks Griff will bear that in mind


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BroadAmbition    -- Jul-27-2010 @ 7:55 PM

Right Ncsl - Minor detail of course  Blush   dunce


'Broad Ambition' - 'Dreams do come true' - Afloat at last 06-10-07

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