Topic: Fitting a Lock on an Outboard

watermonkey    -- Jul-13-2005 @ 2:20 PM
  I need to get a lock for my outboard.
Boat is a Norman Conquest, outboard is a Yamaha 15hp (I think).

Any ideas please?

craigspc2000    -- Jul-13-2005 @ 3:15 PM
  Short of drilling holes, I guess a decent chain and pad lock is going to be the most secure option.  Hopefully your boat has something sturdy to fasten the chain to though.  Not much use if it's fastened to something which only requires a screwdriver to remove. Playful

Craig (2)

wheelrepairit    -- Jul-13-2005 @ 3:39 PM
You can buy padlocks made for this, they just have a longer bar in them, fits though the holes and stops outboard being lifted up and clamps undone.

easy peasy

watermonkey    -- Jul-13-2005 @ 3:45 PM

I'm looking at a Fulton Outboard Lock.

Anyone any experience?

I'm a bit wary of the Transom as it is (future project) so don't really have anything to attach it to. The above seems like a good idea. Another suggestion is to change the bolts for ones with security bolts(like you get on Alloy wheels)

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