Topic: £100m pledge to defend land from the sea

Owl    -- Jul-8-2008 @ 5:22 AM
  Common sense perhaps at lasst this topical issue !

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BroadAmbition    -- Jul-8-2008 @ 5:31 AM
  Thanks for posting this one up Owl,

Great news, huge sight of relief all round I beleive


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Swordfish    -- Jul-8-2008 @ 8:52 AM
  2 million a year for the next 50 years?

Peanuts when you consider the cost of the latest nuclear sub launched to help protect our shores. The £3.5bn programme was dogged by delays and budget overruns, with the government putting in an extra £450m.

Do we need it?, yes but, we also need a shore line to defend.


lassies    -- Jul-8-2008 @ 9:53 AM
  The minister stated that the money was for coastal defences.He did not say this money was just for Norfolk.Considering they have spent £150m in Norfolk since 1991,I dont think a share of £2m will go very far.They commissioned a coastal report which is due to be published in 2010 so don't hold your breath.They probably won't be in power by then.


NEB    -- Jul-8-2008 @ 12:58 PM
  BBC link to the story -

Glen_Mist    -- Jul-8-2008 @ 5:49 PM
  Hi all

Hopefully this will be good news to the couple i heard about on the radio earlier on today.

They live on the coast, near Happisburgh, and they had a valuation on thier house for a re-mortgage to raise some capital, they wasn't at all pleased when they were told that thier house was only worth £1 as it was 65 yards from the cliff edge.

I was thinking of taking a drive up thre and offering a cheeky fiver for it, but then again i dont really like hospital food.

Chris J

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lassies    -- Jul-9-2008 @ 4:43 AM
  It is not a matter of just one house Chris,it is whole communities and villages who are affected.The people of Walcott,Mundlesea,Sea Palling,Waxham and Winterton all deserve better treatment than this government is prepared to give them.With no compensation,not everyone is in a position to start all over again buying property.


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