Topic: £100m marina plans on the drawing board - EDP

Richard    -- Oct-30-2004 @ 6:43 AM
  Anyone know anything about this in the EDP ?

roya    -- Oct-30-2004 @ 12:37 PM
  hi all,as you approach Yarmouth from the Acle straight,hang a right to go over BREYDON bridge there is a plot of waste land about just may be, it is going to be developed into a Marina, houses flats shops e.t.c.and of course MOORINGS> the council is supposed to be backing this.i really hope this one is not just wind.cos when we go shopping in Norwich it will be great to hop on the train,and go have a pint and look at the boats.cheers for now.Richard we have been awating a Marina in Kings Lynn for some years now with a connection to the Fens,just hope it happens.we take the EDP so will keep you informed .


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Craig    -- Nov-4-2004 @ 6:37 PM
  It's funny that they term if 'Yarmouth's first marina', I thought there was already a Yarmouth Marina Smile

colingy    -- Mar-25-2005 @ 6:55 AM
  Latest News

Paul    -- Mar-25-2005 @ 9:41 AM
  Sorry, couldn't resist it...
Another aerial photo
(Not quite so clear this time, the plane must have  'bounced' !)   Blush

colingy    -- Mar-25-2005 @ 1:03 PM
    I think you will find that it is to the east side of Breydon bridge.

Paul    -- Mar-25-2005 @ 1:14 PM
  Yes, sorry, my arrow was just pointing in the general direction. It did say between an existing yard and Breydon Bridge, which would put it to the East of the bridge, ie across the road from my arrow.

It's amazing how much they're proposing to pack in there though, blocks of flats as well....

billmaxted    -- Mar-25-2005 @ 1:46 PM
  Perhaps they are going to be like yachts, horizontal till required when they will rise through 90 degrees/ sort of rising roof condo's ooops nearly put an m on there (This US spell check!!) Evil Grin

Here's plenty of room before the bridge to get the screen down   Bill...

BOF2    -- Jun-11-2005 @ 8:12 AM
  I was searching for an aerial photo that I had seen on this site a short while ago (Whittlingam) when I found Paul's photo and this thread.  It has been mentioned that silting up is a problem at St Olaves. A marina at the bottom end of Breydon?

BOF - Clive

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