Topic: Ferry inn

Sheerline1    -- May-30-2020 @ 10:19 AM
  Does anyone have any info on the ferry inn at horning. Will it re-open ???

MiketheTyke    -- May-30-2020 @ 10:50 AM
  Not just the Ferry. The question is how many will re-open after this coronavirus?


JohnP.    -- May-30-2020 @ 5:45 PM
  We passed the Ferry Inn last week(on the river) and there were signs of life, someone is still living inside and there were people outside doing some maintainance/tidying up, it was looking a bit tired to be honest, the grass needed cutting and there were lots of weeds about.



Bluebell    -- May-30-2020 @ 7:25 PM
  Went past on Thursday, saw three people doing a it of maintenance there.

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