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Posted By Discussion Topic: Dont leave it late !

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Oct-07-2021 @ 7:24 AM                           Permalink
send p.m.
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Message from BA
" As the nights draw in, please remember that if you are cruising the rivers on a hire craft you should be moored up before darkness falls.

Hire craft do not have the proper navigational lights to safely travel around after dark, and it could lead to some dangerous situations.

We have had numerous holiday visitors getting caught out and turning up to locations such as Reedham well after dark, in some circumstances just so they can stop off at the pub! ??

Please plan your journey ahead, arrive at a mooring in good time, be sensible and enjoy your trip safely."

steve and vicky
( apparently a moaner)

Oct-07-2021 @ 7:43 AM                           Permalink
send p.m.
Harnser Trainer
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Good advice,  not only will you be safely moored up long before dusk but you will also be more likely to be moored near to a pub if that is what you require.  It is not like going along the road and pulling into a car park.

Can I add,  please please especially on the Southern rivers, wear a life jacket.  I know they are not very fashionable and all that but your life is worth so much more than what you look like.

Women dont nag they just
things out...


Oct-07-2021 @ 9:11 AM                           Permalink
send p.m.
Mudplug Juggler
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More to the point, unless less the world has suddenly become beneficent, hirecraft are not insured for movement after dark.  So if you do move after dark and have an incident you may well be liable for any third party claims and be responsible to the hire company for the full cost of all their losses direct and indirect (i.e. loss of earnings through unavailability).  Someone with a private craft insurance can perhaps confirm whether private owners likewise need an endorsement if they regularly intend to cruise after dark, as used to be the case at one time.

Bill...(The Ancient Mardler)

Oct-07-2021 @ 10:53 AM                           Permalink
send p.m.
Broads Minded
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a quick look at youtube [as posted here recently] will quickly show seemingly dumb,stupid behaviour on boats is plentiful.

the addition of alcohol can hardly be expected to improve on the water behaviour.

common sense should be used with any activity regarding drinking,,, unfortunately that seems in short supply.

my appearance is down to me, my attitude is down to you.

Oct-08-2021 @ 8:35 AM                           Permalink
send p.m.
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On a recent trip to the broads we were sat outside of the Hotel Wroxham when  hire boat came past in darkness but had seemingly fitted their own temp nav lights. Obviously were unaware of the insurance issues.

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