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Posted By Discussion Topic: Norfolk and Suffolk Broads given EU dredging resea

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hi all,
"The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads is to be given an £800,000 grant to help find new ways of removing sediment in the waterways."

steve and vicky

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'One of the techniques we want to explore is the use of equipment to remove water from the material dredged from the Broads, so that we have less to dispose of," said John Packman, the Broads Authority's chief executive.'
so it now looks like the BA want to remove all the water from the broads !  LOL

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I’ve thought about this for sometime, you know those thoughts that pop into your mind and you feel sure you can conquer world poverty and sort the Middle East problems out by lunchtime.

During such a session of thought I have also sorted the problem of how to dredge the broads, it would not cost anything in research as I’ve done that, though perhaps a cuppa would not go amiss.  Thus the cost is just in engineering.

My solution to dredging the rivers and broads is mixing a Dyson vacuum cleaner and an iron.  Just on a large scale mounted on a barge.

So you have something that sucks up large volumes of water and sediment but spins this (as part of the cyclonic suction process) at incredible speeds.  Much like a Dyson does.  And remember that Mr Dyson’s idea for the cleaner came from how to suck saw dust from wood mills without clogging filters and the like. Cyclonic suction was born.  

The cyclonic processes alone forces out a lot of the larger lumps of sediment from the water, but there is still a lot of water and fine sediment left in the ‘dust bin’.  

This thick sludge is then sent down a mesh of fine pips using compressed air – the pipes are heated to boil a lot of the water.  You would need a lot of pipe, much the same in a steam engine boiler to heat the water up as quickly as possible and at a good flow rate.  You need a slot of surface area to this so the more pipers and the longer they would be the better.

This water turns to steam and leaves behind the sediment.  

One would then use cool river water at the end of the process to condense the steam back to water. This now liquid water once now condensed is pure - no chemicals, phosphates or indeed sediment is left and this water can be returned back to the river.

The now moist remaining sediment (think of ground coffee once been through an espresso machine) can be compressed into blocks and used for allsorts of things (probably).

Anyway you read it here first.  I’ll work out during my next spare time thought session how one would get enough energy to heat the water, run compressors for the compressed air and fit the lot into the space of a barge.

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