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Posted By Discussion Topic: Marina cost comparison

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Oct-19-2009 @ 12:34 PM                           Permalink
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Hi all

     Following on from the recent thread about moorings in the Horning area, i thought it might be interesting to see what we actually get for our money.
For security reasons you don't have to say where you moor if you don't want to, just what you get for the money.
Also this isn't a 'mine is better than yours' thread, again just a comparison to see what you get for your hard earned cash.

I'll start then shall I?

My moorings are on the the Southern rivers, and for your (or my) £30 per foot (plus VAT) you get;

Laundry facilities
Chemical toilet emptying area
Good security (nobody can find it)
Electric on some berths
Dinghy storage area
2 Wetsheds available
Good fishing (if you like perch)
Good pubs 15 and 30 minutes away by boat
And its own railway station.

Chris J

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Oct-19-2009 @ 9:15 PM                           Permalink
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Hi Chris, to get things rolling on a comparative basis, bearing in mind location etc.

  My mooring is a small and very friendly private Marina in Wroxham, cost £45 per ft inc vat with electric at extra cost.

   Benifit`s as above plus relativly secure with car parking, good outlook if you wish to stay in the Marina, recently opened bar (benefit debatable) wetsheds if desired, being Wroxham good access to everything you could require and certified tradesmen permitted access to do non intrusive work on boats, fishing variable for most species from good to dismal depending on conditions.


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Oct-19-2009 @ 9:44 PM                           Permalink
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Miss Clipboard
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I'm not gonna put up our details, for two reasons:

1. its not a marina

2. too many people might want a piece of the action

Evil Grin

Joking apart though, good idea Chris to do a factual comparison of the marinas. If we can stick to that, could be very useful for folk, without getting tied up with personal preferences or opinions etc.


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Oct-21-2009 @ 10:44 PM                           Permalink
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Nice idea Chris.

All these extra details could even be of benefit to someone looking to find new moorings (but without specifics on which marina they relate to, that benefit is lost).
Since this thread relates to the facilities that each contributor enjoys, for security reasons many would not want to divulge where they moor which precludes inclusion of the most useful bit of info for a prospective moorer.

That seems a pity, so maybe this will help:-
Anyone wanting to contribute additional info to a reasonably lengthy existing list which is meant to assist people in finding and evaluating moorings are welcome to the full transcript of the first post here (so that they can repost it, update it and add to it for the benefit of everyone):-

All the best,

This message was edited by Ellaboat on Oct-21-09 @ 10:47 PM

Oct-22-2009 @ 8:09 AM                           Permalink
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I can't see the point in not providing location.

Surely the benefit of the thread would be to help people seeking moorings to find what suits them best - how can this be achieved if the location is withheld?

The "Ellaboat" sticky thread seems to perform this function well.

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