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send p.m.
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Brownie if you're looking for a centre cockpit boat & there's only two of you then I can reccomend Bronze Emblem from ferry marina. It's only a 2 berth & for a craft that size to be only a 2 berth means you have LOTS of room. Being a centre cockpit you won't suffer from oversteer & the boat handles like an absolute dream. It doesn't have how thrusters as has been advised but honestly the boat handles that well you won't need them. Being ferry marina the price you pay is all inclusive so no insurances or fuel to worry about.
We used to do the canals & were nervous the first time we took the controls of a broads cruiser, but after about 20 mins we really wondered what we were worrying about.
I know it's a cliche but it really is the fastest way to slow down & if you don't do it, it's something you'll regret. Honestly.

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send p.m.
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Welcome and enjoy your Holiday, You've been intelligent enough to worry about it and come on here to ask questions, thousands who go on the broads have no clue and don't ask questions but they survive OK.
so just ask away here  then enjoy the Broads.
The Q

Rough Collies, the best 4 by paws by Far

Aug-19-2013 @ 8:53 PM                           Permalink
send p.m.
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If you are at all nervous about driving the boat, manoeuvres and mooring up I would like to suggest that you or anyone for that matter thinks very carefully about the yard from which they hire. I've just finished an almost month long stint on the boat (yes I know that's jammy), I've covered both parts of the broads extensively and have noticed significant patterns in the the boats which are well handled and those which are not. Now I know that some of it will be down to the individual's ability to listen and follow advice and also conditions such as weather etc will often play a part however, when you see 4 boats from a small yard (almost half their fleet I suspect) make foolish and frankly dangerous mooring manoeuvres in less than a 12 hour time period you have question their standard of tuition. Conversely when moored close to another hire yard on turn round day I witnessed a very thorough trial run where the hirer was made to do a side on mooring in a gap no more than ten feet longer than the boat and then moored stern on before manoeuvring in the middle of the river.
On chatting with someone who had hired from one of the larger yards I was horrified to find out that the poor woman had asked for more help after her trial run as she was nervous about causing damage to her vessel or one belonging someone else. She was given another ten minutes (a repeat of the first) and then told that there was nothing more they could do for her. She was then sent away to 'enjoy' her holiday, which she was still finding incredibly stressful three days later  as a result of the lack of help from the yard.
I'm sure that those forum members who have hired from a greater range of yards will be able point you in the direction of quality tuition. I know where I would send someone based on what I've seen. And I also know which yards I wouldn't touch with somebody else's barge pole!


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