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Posted By Discussion Topic: 12 Volt Charging.

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The boat I recently hired only had a 12-volt electrical system and I needed something to recharge my phone and computer. I could have gotten away with using a car cigarette lighter / USB charging cable for the phone, but whilst that would work, it would be very slow. I was still scratching my head to find a way of charging my computer when I found this item, and as it was only £10, took the gamble that it would work.

I am glad I did as it worked perfectly. I just plugged the unit’s mains charger into the inverter first, then plugged the inverter into the socket on the boat. It worked and charged everything exactly as if I was on mains power at home.

I am sure there are other inverters that will do the same job equally as well, but this one is small and reasonably priced.

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Hi Chris.

No doubt this is ok on a hire boat where there is plenty of charging power off the engine. Please note, smaller outboard powered boatowners, that if you do not have this massive amount of charging power be careful of using this setup.

An invertor drains a battery quickly and basically what is being done is to bump up the voltage with the invertor and then drop it down again with the standard household equipment. There are losses which are quite big in doing this.

It is much better to use normal car usb equipment for your phone. Maplins make a useful universal convertor to bump up the voltage for your computer. Plugs are supplied with the convertor to fit almost any computer.


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Better still if you only want to charge some thing on a non regular basics and with out even needing a battery.

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