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Posted By Discussion Topic: Windows 10 Last Chance

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Jun-27-2016 @ 8:07 PM                           Permalink
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>>> We need more development of Linux-based operating systems, perhaps <<<

I have found Linux to be a really great operating system. I run several PC's on Linux Mint. Three of them are "Dual Boot" - you get a choice at Start-Up of which O.S. you want to use. Many 'Windows' programs will happily run inside Linux. Unlike Microsoft Windows, there is no hidden spy-ware, no automatic "upgrades", no silent data logging. With Linux YOU are in complete and total control.

Dual Booting is especially useful if you have an existing computer with your favourite software (and paid-ware) already installed. You don't loose expensive software and you still get Linux. It's very easy to swap O.S.'s

Anyone can try Linux Mint - it will even run directly off a data DVD - (just for evaluation because, understandably that makes it a bit slow). I have run it via DVD on a PC that had NO hard drive installed - the drive was left out on the bench deliberately!

Linux is Free because it is 'Open Source' (You can have a copy of the source code if you wish) - lots of people around the world learn to improve and develope their programming skills at no cost, by contributing to and discussing it's development.

Linux Mint is similar in layout to 'Windows' so a seasoned 'Windows' operator will become fully familiar very quickly. All your favourites are there - Firefox, Opera, Thunderbird, VLC Player, Open Office, Audacity, Google-Earth etc., . . .  plus thousands of others. I have never had compatibility issues with peripherals such as printers and modems etc.

There are literally thousands of software programs available - most of them free. The built-in Catalogue/Installer rates them by popularity and publishes all User's comments. Again, they are Free because the authors are learning and developing their knowledge without paying for tuition, within the linux community. All submitted software has to pass strict evaluation and testing before it is made available to users.

I believe several Forum Members already use Linux (there are various 'flavours' - all using the same core but each cosmetically a little different). I cannot rate Linux Mint too highly. We all use it at my business and we both use it at home.

There is a lot more info, and the O.S. can be downloaded at You have the option to automatically set up Dual Booting when you install or to have only Linux on the hard drive.

Best way to evaluate is :-
(1) Download the program.
(2) Burn it onto a DVD as an installer file.
(3) Place DVD in disc-caddy and restart PC. (You may have to change your start-up configuration to "Load from CD/DVD" as the first priority).
(4). Once the disc starts to load you will be offered a choice - Evaluate or Install.
(5) Select Evaluate. The program core will now load into your PC's RAM, and once loaded you can explore.

Because the Evaluation runs only in RAM there are NO changes made to the PC. As soon as you switch off, Linux is completely lost and you are back with the original O.S.

Don't you think life was much more simpler before computers?
True, we wouldn't have this Forum, but we also would have all this nonsense I've just rambled on about either!  Smile  Smile  Smile
We could just get on with uninterrupted Boating On The Broads !!!!

Happy computing to you all  .  .  .   Evil Grin  Evil Grin  Evil Grin


LOL - no matter how much I proof read - I always manage to find a mistake AFTER I've uploaded !!!!!

Blue Skies and Fair Winds
Carol & Malcolm

For my birthday, I thought that my wife had told me that
I could be 'Right About Everything' for the whole day.
But I was wrong!

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Jun-28-2016 @ 6:30 AM                           Permalink
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Something worth checking out ...

I think they need to be very careful
I am all for windows 10 if you wont it but not if it is forced on you ...

Don't Panic

Jun-28-2016 @ 6:57 AM                           Permalink
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An interesting read. I hadn't seen this before. So, that's how Microsoft got users to update without their agreement to do so.

If you cannot say anything nice, best not to say anything.

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