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"I'd be reluctant to leave the rivers on a single engine cruiser because if the engine fails you're in big trouble."

Don't worry about a single engine for sea work, many seagoing boats both leasure & commercial, including trawlers (& our boat for that matter)are single engined. The important thing is that the powrer train is reliable, and by the power train I mean everything from the fuel tank to the prop.

The speed of the Prinnie need not be a concern either, planing boats of that size will need to reduce speed in any kind of a sea anyway and it will give you more of an incentive to plan your trips using the tides to your advantage instead of just "point & squirt". I have always apart from one had fast boats and the ability to run for cover is always a comfort but it is no substitute for planning and I am now quite happy to cruise at 12 - 17 kts if I have to, speed is costly and it's not the be all & end all (I can't believe I just wrote that)truth is either boat has its advantage but the most important piece of advice is GET A SURVEY, your insurer is almost certainly going to insist on one for a boat of that age anyway.

Good luck with your continuing search and I wish you many happy & safe hours afloat whatever your choice.


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If you want to enjoy the Broads in full glory...
the following should be on your short list.
1. Diesel engine - non turbo
2. Shaft driven - avoid outdrives
3. Air-draft that will fold/convert to 7ft or less
4. Pump out toilet
5. Boat Safety Certificate - will save time and money.

Put these on your shortlist if you want a 'perfect' broads cruiser. (p.s the Princess 32 is just a 'streched Elysian 27' Appleyard Lincoln + Co who designed and built the Elysian 27 had a parent company )shipping and Industrial Holdings who started up Senior Marine, an Elysian 27 mould tool was used, cut and stretched by 4 feet and modified for out drive installations, the Senior 31 was born. This was used as the RLM 31 and Marine Projects 31 (marketed as a 32 for princess)

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Ah two of my favourite boats, the Fairline Mirage and the Princess 32. You mention a twin Diesel Mirage coming soon, these are very rare, most are single Diesels or twin petrols.

I do think that with the Princess you are paying a bit extra for the name, have you considered a Senior 31 or Project 31?? Bothare the predecessors of the Princess 32 and the Projects can often be found with twin Diesels for £16/£18k, wheres as a really nice Princess 32 will cost you £22/£25k and the equivalent Mirage neare £30k.

I must agree though, the Mirage is the best looking boat, looking more like it was built in the mid-nineties than the late 70's/early 80's.

Have a look on they have a really nice Mirage ('Autumn Lady') for sale at the moment. Although its twin petrols.

Have you considered an Ocean 30, as most of those come with twin Mercedes diesels and can be had for £28k/£30k??

Or a Freeman 27??

Tell us how you get on.........


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Just to clarify some issues - yes, we would not buy a boat without a full survey first.  We've got a guy called Steve Truss on our (very) short list for this.

As for other aspects of what we're looking for.... well any boat will be 95% Broads usage, certainly at first because we are not experienced boaters.  But we would like the ability to take it out of the rivers for short trips in future years and we're trying to plan for that now.  For this reason we're ruling out petrol boats.  Lots of carting around expensive jerry cans with highly volatile fuel in it is not my idea of fun, plus the speed would be wasted on the broads.  Neither the Princess nor either Fairline currently have toilet holding tanks but both can have them fitted relatively easily and be switchable between holding tank and sea toilet mode - not that that is a legal requirement on a seagoing boat but we'd do it anyway.

I don't particularly want outdrives because of the increased maintenance regularity and cost, plus the hassel with stern on mooring, but we've not yet seen a shaft driven seagoer so I'll settle for what I can get in this respect.

I will wait to see what this diesel Mirage coming in is going to have to offer but in the meantime I'll continue to search via the internet and I'll be sure to check out anything going in the other ranges listed.  To be fair, we're not specifically looking at these types of boats, we're looking for particular features in a particular price range and thus far it has been these boats that have fitted the bill but should anything else come up it will also be given due consideration.


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