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Posted By Discussion Topic: Day Boat Fishing

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Feb-23-2020 @ 8:25 PM                           Permalink
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Hi all,

3 of us are fishing the broads in a couple of weeks, we usually set up a bivvy and have a 24 hr session from the bank and the move but this time we have toyed with the idea of hiring a day boat one of the days.

Found a couple of choices on the richardsons page and dropped them an email. Unless anyone has any better suggestions?

after googling and a couple threads coming up here though id be best here to ask anyone whos has experience whats allowed and good practise. As it will be off peak i am hoping we will not have worry about alot of traffic so that will be on our side.

So i am under then understanding trolling is only allowed under oar?

Within reason can we stop at the edges of the river to fish aslong as not a obstruction and safely anchored?

Anything else could be worth considering?

Thank you

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Its pretty much a yes to all your questions, if you want any up to date information I suggest you pop in and see Mark in Wroxham Angling in Station Road or Budgie at Bass on Line Horning.

Enjoy your break and tight lines.


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Broads regulations 29 is most of it..
Fishing 29..
(1) Subject to paragraph (2) no person shall conduct any fishing or any associated activity from a power-driven or sailing vessel which is underway or cause or permit any net or fishing line to hang from such a vessel into the water whilst the vessel is underway.
(2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to a vessel which is:
(a) engaged in the handling of licensed eel nets; or
(b) under the control of the National Rivers Authority in connection with its fishery duties.
(3) Any person fishing from a boat or the bank shall show reasonable consideration to any other person using the navigation area and shall ensure that his rod or line does not obstruct the passage of a vessel along a channel.

The regulations 64 and 65 also apply..
(1) Except as provided for in paragraph (3) or as may otherwise be permitted by the Authority the master of a vessel shall not cause or permit it to be anchored in a channel except to avoid immediate danger to the vessel or any other vessel, the bank or anything in or near the waterway.
(2) As soon as the danger referred to in paragraph (1) has passed the master of the vessel shall cause the anchor to be raised and the vessel to get under way.
(3) Nothing in paragraphs (1) and (2) shall prevent the master of a sailing vessel from anchoring the vessel
(a) whilst lowering or raising a mast or sail; or
(b) whilst kedging; or
(c) in order to control the progress, speed or direction of the vessel whilst moving under the influence of wind or stream. Provided that in each case: (i) it is reasonably necessary to do so because of prevailing conditions of wind or stream and (ii) in so doing he takes all reasonable steps to avoid impeding the navigation of other vessels.
(4) Paragraph (3) shall apply also to a vessel equipped with sails notwithstanding that its sails are not for the time being set.

The master of a vessel anchored for the purposes of fishing shall ensure that:
(a) no part of the vessel shall extend more than 3.8 metres (12 feet 6 inches) into the channel; and
(b) no part of the vessel shall obstruct the passage of any other vessel; and
(c) notwithstanding Byelaw 40 the vessel shall exhibit by night an all-round white light, the indirect illumination of which is visible for at least 100 metres (110 yards) but which will not interfere with the safe navigation of any other vessel.

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Make sure its before the 15th March though!

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