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Posted By Discussion Topic: Broadland Boats - New Website

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Sep-10-2015 @ 7:38 PM                           Permalink
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Mardles sometimes
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I got a reply from the Broads Authority. It's quite long and complicated but basically, they did not want to disclose any information about their database of boats on various grounds but after a 2 year battle they were compelled to do so by the Information Commissioner.
My view is a little different. I don't mind people knowing that my boat is called Woodwose. I don't make any secret of it. However, I supplied this information to the Broads Authority so they could collect the tolls not so that they could publish it on uncontrolled 3rd party websites. I think they feel the same way.
I think it is a measure of a website if they correct or remove personal information if asked to do so. I would always do this on my websites. It will be interesting to see who does remove the information.
The question I still have is "why do this?" I just can't see any need for this information to be published. It seems to add no value to anything. It seems clear that quite a lot of it is wrong as well. That must devalue it even further.

Anyway, it has been an interesting debate. Like Pandora, I will go back in my box.


Sep-10-2015 @ 8:06 PM                           Permalink
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Just a question what is the point of this website? I really can't see anyone would want a website or app to see what engine or layout a boat has, personally I'd call the hire yard if I was really that interested after all they will know the layout and changes far sooner than a website. Otherwise I'd just not be bothered and move on. Is any of the information held what boaters really think about? I very much doubt it.

My broads boat isn't on there as it's not afloat I will ensure it doesn't get added once afloat. Sure many others will feel the same and once one record is removed the relevance drops and drops.

Sep-10-2015 @ 8:38 PM                           Permalink
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Learning The Ropes
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My question is why anyone would object to their boat being on a list?

There is already a very well known website - Boats Of The Norfolk Broads - that lists boats, and has been painstakingly compiled over many years to provide a lasting record of the boats on the Broads for hirers and owners or just those interested in a boat, which was bought in Kent but once was on hire in Norfolk.

As far as I am aware people are ok with that website and many a person has used  it.  I remember discussions where reference is made to the website or someone has been directed to go to it and look up an entry.

What possible issue can there be in that.

I ponder therefore why  that is acceptable (or was until this discussion came about) but a new website is not.  Is it s trust issue the new kid on t e block and what might their intentions be.

I find it perplexing that people now wish to have their boat removed yet the only details stored would be the registration number, boat name, type of boat and so on.  There is not and would not be information about  where it is moored, who owns it currently or who did so there is simply to my mind nothing that could be done with any malice with the information.  

I feel it is frankly ridiculous to worry about such small fry when on this forum every person's posts are kept, and are searchable externally.

Many people have their name in their forum signature, and perhaps add their location too this too.  Usernames are often the names of their boat and quite a few have a photo of their boat too which adds to the small pieces of the larger 'data jigsaw'

Of course, everybody here contributed all of this willingly and so share it into the public realm which is all indexed by Google.  As an example I did a Google image search for woodwose+ludham and a surprising amount of photographs appear which is content off of this forum.  

Storm in a tea cup I say.

Sep-11-2015 @ 11:19 AM                           Permalink
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I have no objection to people accessing my boat information if the info is correct which in my case it is not i tried to inform the web site the error of their data but i was not able to this which  i find most irritating John

Sep-11-2015 @ 12:39 PM                           Permalink
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River Rat
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Thanks for your comments. We have some really helpful information provided from visitors and are adding those changes, some to classes and some to boat details.

We've also removed the boat details of the three people who have requested it.

If you want any changes drop me a pm or send me a note on the contact us page.

We like hearing from you and improving the accuracy of our site.

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