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Posted By Discussion Topic: neatishead staithe

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Sep-05-2005 @ 3:03 AM                           Permalink
send p.m.
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a great mooring , get there early

roy haslam

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Sep-05-2005 @ 11:25 AM                           Permalink
send p.m.
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Back in August, we were moored at Gay's Staithe, last boat at the end nearest the broad.

It was a gorgeous still evening, and the barbie was sitting happily in the sunshine, waiting to cook us dinner.
A bottle of cheap fizz had been opened.
My Able Seaman was guiding a small radio controlled boat around the flat-calm water.

From the direction of the broad came the roar of an engine.
The Able Seaman was alarmed, and rescued Tide Runner to high ground.
Around the corner came a cruiser at full speed.
The helmsman saw the cluster of moored boats and turned, still at full speed, towards the staithe.
"I think he believes that the river goes on past the boats," said the Able Seaman.
"This should be interesting," I replied.
And we made our way to the foredeck to observe.

The helmsman realized that the rapidly narrowing cove came to an end, and threw the stick back.
The cruiser did the boating equivalent of a screech of brakes.
The moored boats bobbed excitedly on the waves.

Forward momentum turned into backward momentum, and the cruiser reversed quickly into the gap in the trees. This HAD to be through pure luck, because nobody on board was looking backwards.

There was a bit of stick jiggling, and the helmsman called over to me, "Excuse me... where is the pub?"
OK - sitting here now at my desk in Hampshire, I wish I had expressed a few opinions about a more sedate life, but I admit that I just blurted out directions to Neatishead Staithe.
And the cruiser set off again at full throttle.

Later, after enjoying our barbie, we strolled down to the village, passing Neatished Staithe.
There was one boat moored in the MIDDLE. That is... they were three abreast. You could walk from one bank to the other. And this was half way down... so anyone in the closed end hoping for an early start was probably going to have to wait.

I didn't pay enough attention, but I'm assured that the boat in the middle were the pub hunters.

Maybe it's normal to moor three-abreast at Neatished - but it did look a bit extreme. Has anyone else seen this done?

(Our encounter was brief, so I didn't note much, but Hullabaloos were not single-gender, or under 30... I can't say for sure that everyone had a beer can in their hand either.)

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Sep-05-2005 @ 8:04 PM                           Permalink
send p.m.
Mardles sometimes
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Excellent tale PL, I am sure we have all seen similar examples of inept navigation.

I have never seen three abreast accross the dyke at Neatishead though, gives a new meaning to the phrase land bridge I suppose.

Sep-10-2005 @ 8:06 PM                           Permalink
send p.m.
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Just read your post Pizzalover, while listening to Eltons "Madman Across The Water".Very apt don"t you think..

land ahoy,
(some mornings I wake up grumpy)(other mornings I let her sleep)

Steve B..

Sep-22-2005 @ 12:30 AM                           Permalink
send p.m.
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My father-in-law took me towards Neatishead last week - he in a smaller boat than mine (we were in Regal Star, he in Moorhen). As he turned to port into the narrow mooring area I almost had a heart attack - I am from Canada and comfortable in a boat but when we make a steering error on the Pacific Ocean we have a bit more room to compensate... The mooring was full save for two spaces up near the end on the right. I deftly used the bow thruster (cheater) and brought her in. Thankfully there was a nice chap available to grab my bowline but all of my palpitations were for not - we slided in nicely without bumping anyone (lucky that). That was my initiation into navigating in tight spaces. I felt much better after a pint at the White Horse Inn. We'll be back next year for more!

Marco Del Barco

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