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Posted By Discussion Topic: A few comparisons

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Sep-20-2008 @ 9:45 PM                           Permalink
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Harnser Trainer
Posts: 6920
Joined: Nov 2006

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We just got back from Venice and there were some
interesting 'compare & contrasts' that occurred to me.
1. see them about in Norfolk of
course...none to be seen in Venice and it was
seriously choppy on the lagoon some days.
2. Speed limits...published in both areas, observed in
Norfolk...not sure if in Venice they were interpreted
as minimum or merely advisory.  Playful
3. Stinkies v sailies, well oars win in Venice so
that's a 'no contest' really.
4. On board entertainment. I have heard that Roya can
produce a penetrating if unlovely baritone. I'm sure
therefore that, should he ever desert Noffik there's a
place for him on the gondole, volume being more
evident than melody in every example I heard.
5. Rain...oh yes Venice matched the Wroxham monsoon of
earlier this year with ease. One thundery day it
chucked it down flooding St Marks Square at low tide.
6. Bridges, yes folks, some were indeed as low as
Potter Bridge and yes our water taxi went through,
7. Hire boats...we drew a blank there, despite some
early planning, the main issue that put this one out
of play was that all the moorings were private or for
the gondola, taxi or vaporetto services. No point if
you can't get off for a drink, just like at Ranworth
then. Playful Wink
8. Funny clothes...OK there were lots of straw hats
and striped shirts, even on one occasion on a
gondolier's dog, but nobody was in pirate costume or
p^%%ed, very refreshing!
9. Water quality. Venice was clear and clean and
lovely, quite a change from the last time we went
there...shows what can be achieved. We are improving
too, of course.
10.Language barrier? Well everyone spoke English in
Venice! Evil Grin


'Stop it you silly ass!' cried the Rat from the bottom
of the boat 'You can't do it! You'll have us over!'

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Sep-20-2008 @ 10:47 PM                           Permalink
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Been Posting For a Long Time
Founding Member
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Aw - shame you weren't able to hire in Venice.
I'd love to explore the canals there in a little boat.

Sep-21-2008 @ 7:31 PM                           Permalink
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Mudplug Juggler
Founding Member
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Hi Pauline,
so glad you and MR Pauline had a great holiday,

As for Baritone

Just wait till you have listenend to me and Richard,on the same boat

Even the BA may ban it.
Lots of love mate


Bittern code 57.

Have you smiled today???
if not why not!!


Sep-21-2008 @ 11:55 PM                           Permalink
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Harnser Trainer
Posts: 6920
Joined: Nov 2006

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It was a great holiday. Thanks.


'Stop it you silly ass!' cried the Rat from the bottom of the boat 'You can't do it! You'll have us over!'

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