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Posted By Discussion Topic: Navigating Horning 28 Jul To 3rd August

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Yes it's that time of year again, just about a Month to the start of Horning Regatta week.
So for those who wish to watch / avoid / Get thorugh Horning with as little difficulty as possible, during those dates, here I hope is some useful information.

To Make it easier to read, The first post will be what we are doing, the second post will be : When are the best times to go through, if you wish to avoid the event.
What we Tell the competitors, request the non competitors please do and why we do this....
Saturday 28th July 2018,  Club event members only competing,
The Racing is on Black Horse Broad (AKA Hoveton Little Broad) from about 14:00, so boats will be commuting up to the broad from the sailing club from around 13:00. There is likely to be a rescue boat or two towing small dinghies and maybe the odd keelboat up to the broad.
The boats are likely to be returning from  16:00.
Sunday  29th July 2018, Club event members only competing,
The racing is also on the broad, boats are likely to go to the broad between 09:00 and 10:00, returning for lunch 12:30 to 13:00. then back for the Afternoon session in time for the 14:00 start. Most boats are likely to return to the club after 16:00.
Monday 30th August 2018 to 3rd August 2018, An open event on the River
Anybody is welcome to compete, or come visit the club and see what's going on. We will be wrapped up in our event, there will be a lot of strangers around, so if you visit, want to ask questions, please do, someone will point you to a person with the knowledge.

09:25 Racing starts, so boats will be on the water from about 09:15, the first series includes the beginners so hoards of small children from 8 years old in their first regatta event.
10:30 the bigger boats join in, 20ft to 25ft keelboats.
12:30 most will pack up for lunch, however, there are a few boats out for special classes, and the Big sailing cruisers have their lunch time up to 2 hour race..
14:00 the afternoon Series starts, the absolute beginners are not encouraged out, because it's too busy, but there will be a fair amount of dinghies, keelboats, and the slower sailing cruisers will still be out.
16:00-The afternoon Main series should be finishing, shortly after there will be reduced Numbers in a couple of races for special trophies.
17:30 we should be finished but there may be the odd straggler about.

After racing, social events at the club, for club members, invited guests and competitors
28 Jul Sat 7:00PM Platter n Natter / film Clubhouse
29 Jul Sun 5:00PM Berry Shield / cream tea Clubhouse
30 Jul Mon 6:00PM Games evening & chips Clubhouse
31 Jul Tue 7:00PM Quiz night Clubhouse
1 Aug Wed 7:00PM Bingo Clubhouse
2 Aug Thu 8:00PM Disco - 80s theme Clubhouse
3 Aug Fri 7:00PM Round Off the Week Clubhouse ?

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When to go through avoiding all racing or when there are reduced numbers sailing and other information

Remember Not all sailing boats are competitors or have any association with the club, we had a non competing fleet sail through one year, that was interesting..

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July, really you shouldn't have a problem as they are not racing on the river, but if you wish to avoid all our sailors. You can see on the previous post when they are travelling to the broads and back.

Should you wish to view our racing or just the Broad, please come onto the broad and do so. We request you travel round the outside of the broad and also if you wish to moor please keep close to the banks. The windward end is always a good place to moor under the shelter of the trees..
  Mooring in the middle or travelling in the middle can be worrying for those not used to Broads sailing as boats come at you from all directions and will get very close..
30th July to 3rd August, Racing on the river Between Dydlers mill and the club house. With boats getting ready for racing between the club and the New Inn. The big cruisers may race as far as Woodcutters dyke if the wind is in the right direction.

The only place for viewing is at the club or the Swan Inn Green, sadly the Blofield estate put no mooring signs on the bank further up the river a couple of years ago.

No competiors on the river before 09:14, or after about 17:30,
Very much Reduced numbers between 12:30 and 14:00
Last racing around 17:00

We TELL the competitors that if the motorboats are close to the bank ( less than 6ft) to turn away and treat them as the bank.

Note, especially in the first race in the morning , there are a lot of beginners they may make mistakes,
Note, Some competitors may think the gap in front of you is big enough to tack in and out before you get there, so be aware you may have to slow or stop if they get it wrong.

Note, in Broads racing  a few inches apart is a big distance, they will get very close to the side of your boat.
We ask, Non competitors to please stick to the bank, that's within 6ft of the bank, that way there is not enough room for a boat to sail between you and the bank. Getting boats all round you is a nightmare..

If there is a start coming up, you will see lots of boats sailing across the river and back, outside the clubhouse, the races always start exactly on the 5 minutes (we use a radio controlled clock). If you are just a minute from the start, if you could slow down and hold back till the start has gone, it should be easier for you to get through.

If it's really light weather, the boats tend to cover the river, if you are following the fleet all you can do is stick to the right hand bank and go forward when a gap appears.
If you are arriving with the fleet coming towards you, slow down and if neccesary come to a halt. The boats when they arrive will move out and round you, then you can go forward.
Should you have  a problem, please make a note of the symbol and number on the sail, and if you can the broads registration number as well please.  Report it to the club as soon as possible. The competitors all have to have their own insurance, and  if we can Identify the competitor you will be put into contact.
We had someone report damage, a month later, saying it was a white coloured boat with a white sail, and then they claimed it was on a day that turned out to be one we weren't racing!! not suprisingly it was impossible to identify the boat concerned.

Hopefully thats every thing covered, Please enjoy your trips out on the broads...

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Just two weeks to go, So I thought I'd  bump this up. so those planning their trips can see it..

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Your trouble in posting this info is appreciated. It clarified a few things for me. I have motored through Horning on Regatta week in previous years. This year we give the boat back on your start day.
Very useful for the future though,thanks.

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