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The Norfolk Broads Forum / General Chat / Tide Calculater Clock ?????
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Posted By Discussion Topic: Tide Calculater Clock ?????

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It's a generic tide clock.  You still need tide tables to set it.

You set the clock as a normal clock.
The background bezel can be turned so that the red high tide pointer can be set to the appropriate hour.
You can then read what the tide is doing and going to do over the next period.

However, it is a generic clock working on a 6 hour flood then 6 hour ebb cycle, as experienced on most coastal waters.  As you will be aware move about one hour each 24 hour cycle so you only see what is predicted for up to 12 hours ahead.

Remember tidal rivers including the broads, the Solent and other coastal locations do not follow the 6 hours flood / 6 hours ebb rule so the clock is no good for these area.

In summary very pretty, impresses the visitors, but is actually of little use as you have to be able to work things out yourself from proper tide tables.


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Thanks for clearing that up for me guys. Cheers

I couldn't see anything to adjust but I guess you would have to remove it from the wall and change the settings on the back.

Kind Regards

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