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Posted By Discussion Topic: Seagoing C-in-C Gya - Lowestoft July 12th

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Mudplug Juggler
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I had a fruitful phone call earlier this evening with the Admiral.  It was
agreed that a new thread be started.
This thread is solely here for those that have signed up to, and those
are considering signing up for the salty C-in-C

It is here for logistics, planning, questions, advice (both offering and
seeking), boat safety, crew safety, suggestions and the like etc etc

This thread is not here for those that have no intention of
participating.  This has the full backing of the Admiral.

It will no doubt take me a little while to copy over the relevant
information from the t’other thread which I will do so in due course.



I have been asked quite a few time now by various friends here on
the NBF that if ever I was to transit to Lowestoft from GYA via the
salty sea crinkly stuff could they tag along?

Well now of course the answer it yes you can.

Therefore, if you are a boat owner, or can beg/borrow one from
friends, be it stinky or rag-n-stick etc
Notice is hereby given of the salty bottoms cruise 2014

11 - 13th JULY 2014 to be precise. (Subject to favourable wx

Why the 11-13th July?  Primarily - I will be available with 'B.A', (it will
also be MrsG's B'day on the 12th) and at this time of year we have a
good - to better chance of the weather being on our side, plus we
have plenty of time to get organised.

There will be quite a bit to organise, boat safety, crew safety, (Two
biggies see following posts)

There will be a NBF get together BBQ at Oulton Broad Yacht Station
for the afternoon / evening on the 12th where we will meet up with
the NBF C-in-C flotilla and crews

The loose plan is:-
(And bear in mind I am making this up as I go along)

Sat Forenoon 12th July we sail in company down the Yare, out of the
piers at GYA, turn to Stbd destination Lowestoft harbour, Lake
Lothing, into Oulton Broad late afternoon ready for the de-brief
(Shore side party then)

During the sea trip there will be photo / filming opportunities between
craft / crews.  There is also the possibility of having one (If not more
but it is early stages yet) sea-going 'Gin-Palace' accompanying us to
give us a swell to play in if nowt else.

I will post later with regards to boat suitability and by that I mean
systems onboard, safety equipment and the like.  Same for the crew
One thing, do not worry if you do not have a vhf licence or
transceiver - You won't need them as there will be enough of us
around to provide cover.  You also do not have to carry a liferaft,
again there will be enough of us around to act as liferafts.

Any Question?   Stax I suppose, but there is no immediate rush.

One important point - although this salty C-in-C is primarily aimed at
members of the NBF - It is NOT an NBF C-in-C as obviously we will
be outside of the Norfolk Broads area.  Therefore the NBF will not be
responsible for any boats/crews in any shape/form whatsoever.

It is the skippers owns choice as to whether to notify or extend your
insurance cover to cover you for the event whilst out at sea.

There is a sign up list under 'Forum Events' (In red at the bottom of
any page) for forumites to use in the normal manner

Over to you.


'Broad Ambition'
Queens Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant 2012 - H91

'Dreams do come true' - Afloat at last 06-10-07

Forum Manly Swot 30-07-10    DN9

'Sticky' status re-applied - John

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Mudplug Juggler
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Sea Going Craft

RASC Humber

Blue Paws
Broad Ambition
Escape II
Our Hero
Scarlet Emma
Sea Breeze
Sea Phoenix
Secret Lady
Starlight Express
Tantalus IV
The Corsican
Yorkshire Belle

Total:-  (22)


Anglia Afloat may / may not cover the event.

Motorboat Owners Monthly are intending to cover the event.

There maybe other mediums that you wish to notify. Please run this by me if you would be so kind before agreeing to anything.

I would ask that on arrival at OBYS all participating craft at the very least print off and display 'My Logo' NBF forms onboard but ideally fly NBF flags in a prominent location onboard.

Also Craft should ideally be 'Dressed Overall' once alongside at OBYS if at all possible. This is NOT an order, just a request for Photo / publicity purposes purposes


Richard - NBF's very own 'Admiral' will be providing the catering in the form of a BBQ (Details as per below) for all crews on the Saturday at OBYS.

The cost per head is £10 . . . . . . . . However Jason / LBBy have kindly offered to sponsor the event.  Numbers are likely to top out at around eighty odd - which would mean LBBy having to cough up £800:00 Gasp   which imho is a bit over the top.
So . . . . .  the cost is now reduced to £7:50 per person on the day to be paid as you get to the front on the queue.  (Please try to have the correct change available).  Of the monies collected £2:50 of each payment will be donated to the MTB102 trust.  The remaining £5 and the LBBy donation together will cover overheads with any surplus donated to forum funds.
Could I ask for a few volunteers on the day to give up an odd half hour or so to assist Richard with serving up please? - Thanks

The menu is as follows:-

•     Assorted Hors D'oeuvres
•     Potato Salad in Dill Mayonnaise
•     Pasta Salad, Tricolour Fusilli with a Celery and Sweet Corn Dressing
•     Green Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
•     Gourmet Burger,  8 oz Burger on a Floured Bap, with Fried Onions
•     Spicy Chicken Wings
•     BBQ Pulled Pork on a Floured Bap
•     Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
•     Spicy Beef Skewers with Cucumber Yogurt Dressing

Oh yes, the name of the catering staff?     . . . .   Our very own . . . .  Richard 'Admiral'  Smile

Catering sign up list:-

MTB102 / Humber  x 4

(Bollysnigh) x 2
Blue Paws x 3
Broad Ambition x 7
(Broadland Dream) x 2
Enigma x 4
Escape x 6
Halycon x 4
(Happy Jax) x 5
(Janet-Anne) x  2
LBBy x 8
Mars x 2
Milhan x 4
Mouche x 2
(MTB102) x 2  -  [Robin/David]
(Princess Zena) x 2
Scarlet Emma x 2
Sea Breeze x 2
Secret Lady x 3
Serendipity x 2
Starlight Express x 2
Sunbird x 2
(Tadlow2) x 2
Tantalus IV x 1
The Corsican x 4
Verdi x 4
Yorkshire Belle x 2

River Flotilla x 24

Running total:-  107

Boat Preparations

The following information is to be used as a guide only, the list is not definitive, nor intended as an order list of 'You Must'

Of course being NBF Forumites our boats are always well maintained, engine serviced according to their service schedules, gearbox oil levels checked, grease points regularly attended to.  Bilge pumps in good condition etc etc.

One of the main boat stoppers out at sea on craft that are used to the calm and placed waters of the Broads is sediment / contamination in fuel tanks.  Once out at sea the fuel in the tanks gets sloshed about, the sediment in the bottom of the tanks that has laid there dormant for years is lifted, enters the engine induction supply pipe, blocks the filters and or water overcomes the water separators and you have an engine stopped - not good.  I have seen this many times most recently on a sea going twin screw Broom from Lowestoft to Southwold, the Broom in question had not been to sea for a long time.

It is easily avoided.  Soltron fuel additive will help - this should really be used (Or an equivalent) to deter the dreaded diesel bug, especially now we are using diesel with less sulphur content.

If your fuel tank has a drain tap , get to it, drain off enough until the fuel runs clear and clean. If no drain tap then borrow / acquire one of those suction oil drain see through large cannisters (Lbby have one) this has a small gauge flexible pipe that will reach the bottom of the diesel tank and will suck from the bottom, again do this until it is sucking clear fuel. If you're not confident ask a yard to do it for you LBBy is the obvious one for the Northern crowd

Following advice supplied by 'MBird':-

I changed fuel filters religiously, and always drained fuel from the primary filter bowls to check for contamination. Our primary filters have non Sea-through metal bowls on them in order to comply with the ludicrous BSSC requirements. What I did not know, was that although the fuel was running clean from the filter drain taps, the metal bowls themselves were absolutely chock full of crud, and hence the cause of our problems.

To anyone contemplating the trip who has not been to sea before, you will probably also have metal fuel bowls. It is well worth removing these to clean them out to avoid potential fuel problems. You've got 6 months to attend to a 1 hour job, so no excuses!

Hull / Watertight integrity - Self explanatory.  I have fitted in line non- return valves to 'B.A's bilge pump pipe outlets, this was a belts n braces affair due to the bad wx that we had prepared for.  There will be none of that whilst we are out.  Does your craft have them for the rivers and Breydon? No? then you won't need them for this trip either, but for peace of mind - it's your choice

Insurance:-  There is no legal requirement for you to carry insurance at sea for your Broads craft.  However some may well wish to extend their current policies to cover this trip.  If contacting your relevant insurance company be sure to let them know you will be cruising in company, that there will be genuine sea going craft escorting us and acting as liferafts, vhf/pmr comms are carried within the group. A 'NAVPLAN' is in force and all skippers are aware of it. You will only be at sea if the sea state is suitable for your craft, the duration will be around 3 x Hrs max with a distance not exceeding 20 miles, you will be no further than 1 mile from the shoreline. Inform them of location to location, dates / times etc 'B.A' is insured with 'Navigators and General' we currently enjoy a 30 day coastal cruising supplement as long as they are notified in advance which was offered to us foc.

Boat Sea Safety

Most of the advice in this section is common sense and avoiding 'School boy errors'

Securing for Sea  -  Means basically boat hygiene, that is stow everything away that is not fastened down, screwed down/on/up, tied down or sat on!!!
Cupboards/drawers that open very easily should be wedged shut - folded cardboard is for nowt and ideal for this purpose. Gaffer tape is also good but beware leaving sticky residues after removal.  
Externally - ropes should be cheesed down or taken inboard, fenders stowed on deck or again inboard.  Mudweights will be fine where you normally stow them. (Calm conditions remember)  Boat hook / deck mop, tie wraps or lanyards to secure them.

Lifebelts - A very good idea to carry one with a long floating painter and ready for deployment.  However again not mandatory due to the close proximity of liferafts as per below

Liferafts - REALLY?  Each craft will be acting as a liferaft for all of us combined. We also have the gin palaces with us that can be with you in seconds. (Not to mention MTB102 and the Humber)  We will also be in constant pmr comms with each other.

Personal buoyancy aids - I will not insult anyone by emphasising the point of carrying them onboard (Sorry, seems I have just done so)  It is up to the skipper to advise / insist on when / if his / her crew should
don a buoyancy aid

We are planning to be out in calm seas but there will be sea going craft with us which are capable of producing a fine wash to play in, that is of course for those that wish to, it is not mandatory for you to take your craft through the wash of the gin palaces or MTB/Humber there will be plenty of room to avoid all that carry on if you should so wish.

Radar Reflectors - Not required - we will be in a large group with good visibility

Flares - A few of us will be carrying them sufficient for the group


During the morning of Sat the 12th if the decision is made to proceed to sea, I shall require each skipper to contact me with their boat name and number of persons onboard.  You can do this by txt (07966 168647),  by PMR,  by VHF,  or in person at Berney Arms.

If your craft is 'CG66' registered - let me kmow

I will then ring Humber coastguard and give them the details, our etd from GYA and our eta at Lowestoft, I will ring them again once all craft are safely in Lake Lothing / OBYS.


Mustering Points -

Berney Arms or Stracey Arms Friday 11th pm for overnight stay.  Mooring spaces at Berney Arms may mean we have to double moor - which should not be an issue - Big uns on the inside, Little uns on the outside in the normal manner.  Then of course there is the opportunity for a social gathering at the Berney Arms pub that same evening

Saturday 12th - Slip and proceed from either above venues to arrive at Haven Bridge for the bridge lift which is booked for 1100

Craft slipping from Berney - No later than 1000 but ideally 0930 for a water-borne rendezvous with other craft as per below

Craft should plan to arrive upstream of Broads Haven Bridge no later than 1045.  There will meet the craft coming down the Bure from Stracey Arms moorings and potentially craft from the NBF C-in-C.  That means up to 30 odd craft in the same vicinity. There will be plenty of water available, skippers must give a wide berth of that yellow post for other craft not involved in our group

The distance from the piers at GYA to Lowestoft is approximately 9 miles.

Therefore with slack water all the way an average speed through the water of 4:5mph will see the distance completed in 2 x Hrs, not allowing for 'Play Time'   However having checked the tidal streams there is an average of a 2mph tidal stream coming directly from the south. Simple maths means that whatever speed you are making through the water per Hr it will be reduced by 2mph over the ground.

Aiming for the Bridge lift at Lowestoft no later than 1600 and exiting the piers at GYA at 1145 that gives us a window of 4 x hrs - give or take. 4 x Hrs with a 2mph tide on the bow you will need to average 2:25mph over the ground but more importantly 4:25 mph through the water.  This should be easily achievable for all concerned. (Even a bathtub could manage that)

Headings - just two, 168 Degrees for a distance of 8 x miles then 267 for 1 x mile.  Minimum depth of water at lowest astro tide is 4:1m over the whole course.  So unless you have a draft of more than 17feet - you will be fine.  I do not intend to issue 'NMT' and 'NLT' clearance bearings / depth datums - use your eyes, keep an eye on the other boats around you and listen to your PMR / VHF

There will of course be photo's and runs by the historic craft that will slow down our average speed over the ground - skippers bear this in mind please

Tides - High water at Yarmouth Yacht station and Burgh Castle is at 1027.  Therefore passing downstream through Haven bridge it will be slack /  starting to ebb which will ease our passage out to sea

Low water at Lowestoft is at 1633.  Which will be ideal for all three bridges, that is Lowestoft road bridge, Oulton rail  / road bridge.  There is of course negligible tidal flow on Lake Lothing (Unless both sets of gates are left open at Mutford Lock - then we are all in trouble)

Entering Lowestoft

Lowestoft Harbour, Lowestoft Bridge, Oulton Rail Bridge, Mutford Road Bridge, Mutford Lock:-

Ok pay attention,  we have 21 craft (Or thereabouts) to safely navigate the above named locations.
We will cause a bottleneck if we all arrive at the same time, therefore once we have finished ‘Playing’ and photo opportunities the quicker craft can crack on to Lowestoft and Lake Lothing (In company please) thereby breaking up the flotilla arrival times.  Us more sedate craft can cruise along, again in company to Lowestoft.  No single craft will be left solo cruising. A dedicated 'Sea' boat will stay with us to act as safety boat

12th July Low water at Lowestoft (Mutford) is at 1630 – we are on springs so it will be a very low, Low water

In order then:-

Harbour entrance – if you see 3 x vertical red lights – do not proceed, Green / White / Green – proceed with caution when ordered to do so.

Lowestoft Bridge VHF CH 14 (Port Control) Tel:- 01502 572286
Airdraft average High Water (1000) 6ft – does not concern us
Airdraft average Low water (1630) 13ft
Lifting times are 1430 and 1600 but must be requested with 30 mins notice

Oulton Rail Bridge
At average low water airdraft is 24ft, we shall be there approaching low water so this should not be an issue

Mutford Road Bridge VHF CH73/14  Tel:- 01502 531788
Airdraft average high water 7ft 10”
Airdraft average low water 13ft 10” (Likely to be more on the day due to Low water springs)
Low water is at 1630 which is a bonus
Mutford road bridge is restricted to six lifts per day. They have dedicated set opening times of 1515 and 1645 but will lift at other times if requested.  They will not lift the bridge between the hours of 1700 – 1800, by then we should be all through anyhow. We must organise ourselves so that the highest boats go through together to make use of limited lifts of the road bridge if required.
Skippers you know your own crafts dimensions, if your airdraft is more that 13ft  – please organise yourselves to pass Mutford road bridge in company with other vessels that may require a lift.  The rest of us that don’t need a bridge lift, keep clear of the larger craft, we can go before or after them

Mutford Lock VHF CH73/14  Tel:- 01502 531788
Dimensions 72ft x 21ft
Again we must organise ourselves to make full use of the lock dimensions to keep locking down to a minimum,
It is feasible for four craft to lock up at the same time and we need to do so where possible. Skippers - again look at the craft around you with regards to locking in and ‘buddying’ up (Not sure if that is the correct terminology but it will suffice)
The staff at OBYS/Mutford lock/Road bridge are aware of our intentions for the day, as is port control at Lowestoft.  There is a fee for using Mutford lock £11 per craft.

The above advice is for information only, a guide for skippers to make use of if they wish.  It is not definite or gospel come to that.

Navigation - Plan 'B'

Should the sea state be not suitable for our flotilla there is a plan 'B' That is to proceed to OBYS via the Waveney. Come the day Saturday 12th forenoon it is each skippers final call whether to proceed out onto the salty stuff or not.  No decision will be made for you on this - that is your sole right as skipper, it is your call and no one elses. Up to date wx forecasts will be monitored and I shall ring the GYA harbour master and requests he uses his Port and Stbd lookouts (Eyes) and give us an eye witness report on the sea state


Great Yarmouth Port Operations - VHF CH12 Telephone:- 01493 335511

Lowestoft Harbour -  VHF CH14 Telephone:- 01502 572286

Mutford Road Bridge / Lock  VHF CH 73

Inter ship Comms VHF CH 06
Inter ship Comms PMR CH 04

VHF Comms:-

There is no stipulation or need for all craft to be carrying and operating a vhf transceiver.  There are enough boats in our group already have a vhf set along with the relevant operators license. If you feel the need to purchase a vhf and attend the course by all
means do so but it won't be cheap, and how often will you use vhf?

Gya and Lowestoft HM's wont appreciate 21 + craft calling them up one after another requesting permission to leave / enter harbour either.    Therefore one craft will be nominated as vhf comms guard monitoring ch16 and the relevant HM channels as required.  The same craft will communicate with Gya, Lowestoft HM's along with 102 and Humber on behalf of the flotilla.

Relevant information will then be passed to the rest of the flotilla via PMR's

PMR Comms:-

It is imperative that each craft not carrying a vhf MUST carry a PMR.  
For those of you that don't have one, we have 3 x spare onboard 'B.A'   'T.C' also has more than one so between the group we should be able to cover 1 x PMR per craft.  So equipped, each craft will be in constant communications with the whole flotilla.  Any important information received via vhf will then be relayed to the flotilla via PMR

OBYS - Moorings

There are 25 x berths reserved for those arriving through Mutford Lock, and for the NBF C-in-C river trip.
Some of the berths have electric available. If there is anyone who 'Needs' shore power let me know, otherwise I hope we can take it as pot luck.

Pse let me know if your boat is listed and not attending or not listed and you are attending

This list has been e-mailed to the staff at OBYS

Berths reserved for the following craft:-

Blue Paws   Broad Ambition   Escape II   Enigma    Liberty   Milhan   Mars   Sanderling   Scarlet Emma   Sea Breeze   Sea Phoenix   Secret Lady   Starlight Express   Sunbird   Tantalus IV   The Corsican   Verdi   Yorkshire Belle

Broadland Dream   Broadland Mist  Delilah   Malanka    Mistral   Princess Zena  Sapphire   =  24

Overspill of craft will have to fend for themselves and use 'The Wherry Hotel' moorings in the normal manner - no berths have been reserved with The Wherry Hotel


'Broad Ambition'
Queens Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant 2012 - H91

'Dreams do come true' - Afloat at last 06-10-07

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Brought forward information re: MTB102 & RASC Humber

Just wanted to say that this CINC is not limited to  boat owners.

For non boat owning members, or boat owning members whose boats want to stay on their river moorings, there is an opportunity to go to sea on either of the two historic vessels, namely the MTB 102 or the RASC Fast Launch Humber.  

At sea you will have a chance to see the CINC flotilla run out of GY all the way down into Lowestoft harbour, through Lake Lothing and into Mutford Lock, before joining in with the Official NBF CINC party celebrations at the Oulton Broad Yacht Station afterwards.

The possibility of a high speed run at sea on one of these two boats is another experience for lucky passengers on MTB102 & Humber.

Of course, nothing is for nothing in this life, and a small donation to MTB Trust of £25 per passenger will be needed to cover the fuel and running costs of these two ships for the trip.

If you are planning to arrive at the event by car, then you can get aboard at Lowestoft and you can enjoy the round trip.

If you would prefer to get board either of these wonderful historic boats in GY and disembark at Lowestoft then arrangements can be made to pick you up in GY.

Please send me a PM to book your place on the MTB or Humber. It will be a case of 1st come 1st served. There are only 12 places altogether so don’t delay. Book today.

Word from Richard B with MTB102 and Humber - He is quite willing and well practiced at passenger transfers at sea.  Therefore those passengers booked onboard MTB102 and Humber will be able to change over at GYA so all will have the opportunity of travelling on both craft (wx permitting of course)

Also important note as reminded by the Lady Corsican "every passenger travelling on MTB or Humber should be wearing an "in date" life jacket". So you've been warned, if you are going out on MTB or Humber, Sonia will expect in inspect your life saving gear/equipment!

In the next few days I will publish the list of those who have been successful in their applications for MTB & Humber.


The Corsican

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I know this has been arranged around a certain date, but have you studied the tides. It will be coming up to springs and departing Sat. morning, unless we go early, we shall be pushing a 1.5-2.5 knot current.
A departure time from the Yare entrance at approx 0830 would be OK but would be pushing the tide all the way down the harbour. Any later and we would be pushing it the 6Nm to Lowesoft.


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Berth Reservations,

I have been in touch with the staff at Oulton Broad Yacht Station as promised.

I have now reserved 25 x berths, that is the lot of them from 1400 on Sat 12th for members of the NBF with their craft arriving through Mutford Lock and the Flotilla coming via the Waveney

I have to send a list of boat names to the HM at OBYS which I will do today.  If we go over 25 - then craft signing up will be able to use the Wherry Hotel berths.


'Broad Ambition'
Queens Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant 2012 - H91

'Dreams do come true' - Afloat at last 06-10-07

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quote:"......I have now reserved 25 x berths......."

Just for the record, Griff, Broadland Dream is already booked in for two nights, 11th & 12th. (to facilitate transfer to MTB 102).


'readyabout' - the first meaningful adult phrase from my childhood....

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First post updated.

New section - Berth reservations - pse check to make sure your boat is listed or still on the list if it shouldn't be.  Boat names e-mailed to the staff at OBYS.

This weekend I'll commence looking at the NAVPLAN proper with regards to tidal streams, The bridge lifting times at Lowestoft harbour, I'll need to liaise with Skippers of MTB AND Humber in the normal manner

More to follow

'Broad Ambition'
Queens Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant 2012 - H91

'Dreams do come true' - Afloat at last 06-10-07

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Captains Blog

Is a thread that most of us are well familiar with by now. Created, filmed / screened /edited by our very own 'LondonRascal' or Robin to most of us.

Robin as some of you are aware has got ambitions to become a boat owner anytime soon (make that anytime) but it is unlikely to happen before the salty trip.  I'd very much like him to film and record the event.
Robin would very much like to do the same

Problem - 'B.A' is fully crewed and he needs room (not a lot) and a high vantage point to do his stuff.

Therefore going on the old saying of  -  'You never get if you never ask'  -  I'm asking on his behalf.  He is far to reserved and polite to ask himself whereas I'm very opposite and more in your dish and doing the straight Yorkshire speak thing.

Please would any skipper (Salty side) that has room in/on his/her wheelhouse for Robin to be onboard for the day to do his thing?

Accommodation is not an issue as Robin will book himself into a hotel for the Saturday evening at Oulton Broad (But if anyone has a spare berth for his svelte frame for the Saturday night - even better)

I'd be proper miffed if someone during or after the event said 'If only you had asked me Griff'

Assuming someone steps up to the plate, the logistics can be worked out before the day.

Thanking one and all in advance,


'Broad Ambition'
Queens Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant 2012 - H91

'Dreams do come true' - Afloat at last 06-10-07

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Thank you Griff for posting this Smile

For anyone thinking about accommodating me on the day I am well trained and bring little with me and have my own life jacket. If you personally did not wish to be on camera that would be fine too - the boat would be effectively a ‘floating tripod’ to get footage of the event from.

| Robin |

Norfolk Broads LIVE!
Captain's Blog Video Series

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Hi Robin, You would be welcome to join our two man crew onboard Scarlet Emma leaving from Brundall Friday afternoon. pm me for details.  John

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