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Posted By Discussion Topic: Le Boat email

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Feb-14-2014 @ 9:38 PM                           Permalink
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Just read an email that Le Boat have kindly sent me to try and con me into hiring one of HW's boats at a real giveaway price.

According to their sales patter I can hire Shimmering Light for 14 nights starting on 28th Feb for £476 + £45 damage waiver.

Sound too good to be true?  Sure is !

Proceed to the booking page and the price shows £476 + £45 making a total of £521.

Decide that this offer is not to be missed so carry on to the next part of the booking procedure and if you check to make sure all info is correct you will notice that the price suddenly changes to a total of £997.

Nowhere does it say the price of £476 is per week. In fact on at least 2 separate pages it states the price is for 14 nights.

Good try Le Boat one of these days you may get something right!!!

Check out the HW sight for the same boat at the same time and the price is totally different.

Feb-14-2014 @ 10:21 PM                           Permalink
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If you have it in writing, try and demand they honour it
You never know

The Puddle Pirate

Feb-15-2014 @ 9:09 AM                           Permalink
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Return their e-mail saying that you would be delighted to take advantage of their kind offer however you find it impossible to book on-line thus can you book by phone?

Yacht 'Jenny Morgan'

The Broads is a member of the
National Parks family, it is
NOT a National Park though.

Worth a read:

Feb-15-2014 @ 7:28 PM                           Permalink
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shepherd hi,

I find it a bit strange if Le Boat are acting as agents for Herbert Woods so wonder if the e-mail is totally bogus.  I thought Le Boat stopped hiring boats on the Norfolk Broads and had sold most or all their fleet on.

I checked Herbert Woods site and on their links at the bottom they used to have one to which advertised only Herbert Woods boats at 30% discount if you booked approx. a week before hire date.

This link has been removed so I assume that these savings are no longer available.

I wonder if any other forum member can shed any light. No pun intended.

Kind Regards

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Feb-15-2014 @ 9:29 PM                           Permalink
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Hi, Don't know if this helps much but Le Boat were supposedly going to act as booking agents for Herbert Woods on the continent, I assume this to mean for people in Europe wishing to holiday on the Broads.


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