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Posted By Discussion Topic: Good Job Done

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Dec-30-2005 @ 7:45 AM                           Permalink
send p.m.
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About this time last year I suggested that the site give awards to outstanding Broadland businesses.

That idea (with hindsight rightfully so) got shot down in flames.

But, there are still some companies out there, pubs, yards, local councils, and individuals who really should be recognized for going above and beyond.

It might be fishing someone out of the river, being extra nice to kids, having special service. or just a smile at the right time.

Only caveat is that it must be a business on the Broads, so mine doesn't count!

One of mine goes to a chap, never got his name, who was teaching his young kid (4, maybe 5) to fish, and saw us coming through Acle Bridge with the wind going where-ever, the tide pulling us and everyone covered in rope, asked us to throw him a line, which we did. He then deftly put a coil around the bollard while helping his kid land a fish. A true gentleman.

Another must be the chap at New Inn Horning, don't know his name, has a rather large ear-ring, who seems to spend his whole day helping boats moor at the pub, and it seems to make no difference if it's a dayboat, or a large Broom, never seems to pass comment on the skipper and their mooring skills.

Moonfleet who have the nicest marina on the Broads.

All the folks at BA who answer the phone, take the query, tell you that they'll get back to you - and do.

The harbormaster at Beccles, who when asked a question, that I could have found out for myself, just simply said, "your on holiday, let me find out for you".

I know there are many, many others lets hear yours, with as many names as possible. A good professional job should be recognised.

Dec-30-2005 @ 10:56 AM                           Permalink
send p.m.
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hi richard ,
the chap at the new inn is guss ( his name ) he helps out there during the season with andy and his wife sue , do a good job there and even ( andy ) has gone out his way to take vicky back to wroxham in his car to get peter nappies as there was none in the village shops a few year ago mind you , but i 've never forgot his help ,

steve and vicky

Dec-30-2005 @ 12:27 PM                           Permalink
send p.m.
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I'd like to propose Trudi Wakelin at the BA, thats one BA  officer who does understand the Broads, and us Broadlanders. The latter being the greater acolade because that is the harder task!

I would also like to thank Cath Wilson of the BA for understanding not only the Broads but also us anglers.  

Jenny Morgan, the watchfull eye!

Dec-30-2005 @ 3:40 PM                           Permalink
send p.m.
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Interesting about Richard's initial comment about awards. I was only thinking the other day about the awards given some time ago called the broadland partnership award for care. There were a number of people who received these for services given to all people. Burgh St Peter old shop still had its sign up this year for this. It is good to recognise people who have given in such a way and as has been said we can all think of someone.

I think of Chris at Richardsons who moved there from Horning Pleasure craft he always has time to speak and ask how things are going.

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