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The Norfolk Broads Forum / Pubs and Restaurants / Bank holiday crazy ? Or not...
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Posted By Discussion Topic: Bank holiday crazy ? Or not...

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May-23-2020 @ 1:48 PM                           Permalink
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Miss Clipboard
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Keith , thanks for your views. It was never my intention to cause confusion but I can't account for others interpretations. I certainly didn't quote anything out of context in redtop newspaper style, or twist anything, or attempt to "lead the witnesses M'lud".

I genuinely tried to pose questions without naming a particular pub so as not to be accused of picking out or picking on a particular business. In the same way folk often report speeding boats on here, without actually naming and shaming. So, damned if you do, dammed if you don't it seems. Can't please all of the people all of the time. You yourself I know prefer very open comments - for example in the past you advocated the naming of a local person and his time served criminal activities, but I was trying to avoid such controversy. I know and respect that you had your reasons for that.

I would like to support and see all businesses, including those we work for, back open and running,  but it's not quite that simple , in my view. And the restrictions cause many scenarios which pose just as many  questions. I think it's a fair discussion for a forum about The Broads. All views relevant and interesting. We've none of us been here before....


"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

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Hermitage Inn at Acle looks like its open!!! Cheers
Beer garden is full - every table occupied- not 2 metres apart by any means. Plenty of draught beers and bottles of Budweiser on view. I knew some of the people there so I know they are customers and not family.
Pop in when you are passing  boat-sail

Bob Huppendoun

There would be no life without water!!!

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Harnser Trainer
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I believe that to sell alchohol for consumption off the premises the pub has to have an off sales licence. Not all pubs have this. Our local Marstons pub forinstance mooted doing this right at the beggining of lockdown as they had a pizza oven and an area from which they could do out sales and still observe social distancing. The legal.department at Marstons said, No!unequivocally

if it is to be it is up to me.

Jun-02-2020 @ 10:51 PM                           Permalink
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Knows What A Cringle Is
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hi all!

been a bit crazy past 3 months so excuse the absence.

too mnay points to individually reply to so a quick run down.

we are open mon-thurs for pre order collection only on food and drink like a normal takeaway. order online via a shop.

fri/sat/sun we are open 11am-7pm for walk up and phone orders. we have a queue system and waiting area like 'argos'. all drink served in sealed containers for consumption off the premises. not in our gardens at all. we cannot even allow people to sit whilst they wait for their food and we couldn't 'hire' picnic blankets to people as this breaks the law.

we were also told to not open toilets as we doidnt have to but since thurne parish toilets are still not open we have.

we understand people will stay in the area most likely and have laid on bins at great expense to help the local area and also litter pick each night.

we have been told to not disperse groups outside of our premises as this is not our job. (pretty silly but hey ho)

We have liased with licensing and EHO and have ticked all boxes. Without this we wont make it past xmas (we still may have to close during the winter). All we can say is that we are at the mercy of the great british public being sensible...

Feel free to message me with any queries

stay safe guys


PS. we still can get hold of FRESH beer and cider whereas most cannot Smile

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