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OldBill    -- May-20-2021 @ 1:51 PM
  I know from previous posts that some forum members have model railways for a hobby & may be interested in a publication I found whilst sorting out some of the curios collected over the years.
It's a copy of "The TTR Gazette" which I think was from Triang. What makes it more interesting than most editions (IMHO) is the date, which is given as Spring Number 1939, posibbly the penultimate one before the outbreak of hostilities.
If anyone would like it, please PM me as I'd be happy to post it & ask that a small donation could be made to forum funds. If there are more than one applicant, I'll have to draw the name out of a hat (or something similar).

chrismbooth    -- May-21-2021 @ 10:44 AM
  Surely TTR was Trix Twin Railways,  Triang came a bit later in 1951 when Lines bros. took over Rovex models.
Your book sounds interesting.


OldBill    -- May-21-2021 @ 1:50 PM
  You could be correct Chris,I know nothing of model railways & have never heard of Trix.
The Gazette is only 4 pages & has some layout suggestions,copetition & results & Q & A's.

ruby    -- May-21-2021 @ 2:32 PM
  Trix twin were the Broom Boats of model railways  way before triang came along. Believe they also pre dated Hornby dublo but not Hornby o gauge.  


Speleologist    -- May-22-2021 @ 7:19 AM
Believe they also pre dated Hornby dublo but not Hornby o gauge.

My Mum had a Hornby O gauge collection when she was a child in in the 1930's It went on to be played with by myself and my brothers in the 50's and 60's. One of my brothers still has it and it's been used by his children. Before long it could well entertain another generation. (No signs of that yet though).

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"Posthabui tamen illorum mea seria ludo"

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