Topic: Newbie here !

Akl52    -- Aug-24-2019 @ 9:21 AM
  Hello all , just introducing ourselves to the forum , retired couple hoping to spend some hard earned retirement time on the water.
Looking to secure a mooring , then boat purchase.
Get the hard bit out of the way then enjoy, hopefully!

Best regards
Lorna & Allan.

Lynsey1983    -- Aug-27-2019 @ 8:01 AM
  Hi and welcome, I hope all goes well with what you have planned, retirement is a long way off for me and my hubby but when it comes we hope to do the same, good luck and happy hunting  boat-sail


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Akl52    -- Aug-28-2019 @ 7:33 PM
  Hello Lynsey ,
                Thanks for your encouragement,  it’s exciting times for us ,
Hopefully everything falls in to place in the near future .

Kind Regards,
Lorna &Allan

Captain-Joshie    -- Aug-28-2019 @ 10:24 PM
  Hi Lorna & Allan

A big welcome to the Forum from us too, sure your going to have a great time, boating is unbelievable fun  Smile .

We are just bowing out after 20 years on the Broads, with many many happy memories. Just hope we do get back into it when time permits.

What boat are you planning on getting? Or have you got one already?

Have fun and any questions you have, just post them and we'll all try to help.

Photo of Barton Turf, a beautiful spot.

Kind regards, John(Captain
Joshie), Jo & Toby.
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Stingers    -- Aug-29-2019 @ 2:05 PM
  PM sent.


Akl52    -- Aug-29-2019 @ 9:27 PM
  Hello John , thanks for the welcome, still looking for plot and boat , we are looking for 28 to 32 ft , coastal capable if we get adventurous !,  Choice is vast so keep looking until one feels right for us .

Kind Regards,
Lorna &Allan

Mercator    -- Aug-30-2019 @ 10:48 AM
  Hi, Lorna & Allan.

Another ( somewhat belated  Blush  ) welcome to the Forum  Smile .

Very much hope you have a successful quest and get to realise your dream.

All the best.


Steve & Maggie

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