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kevin123james    -- Feb-14-2017 @ 8:21 PM
  Just joined this site as ive booked a week in june through Hoseasons, My better half and myself have wanted to do this for years and finally got around to doing it. Although ive never been on the broads I used to do a lot of water skiing and owned my own boat so I at least have an idea but need to read up on a lot of stuff. People have said I need some form of a navigation aid and a radio just in case but I don't know so hopefully reading through your comments and experience might help us. Thanks Kevin

phil2112    -- Feb-15-2017 @ 6:25 AM
  Good morning Kevin and welcome to the forum. You don't really need to have a two way radio a mobile phone will suffice but the signal can be a bit dodgy in some areas. You can find all the info you need tide tables, navigational and mooring tips, time and distance charts etc on this forum and a website that I use a lot is my norfolk broads boating. Also on board the boat there will be the Skippers manual and the boatyard will sell you a reasonable map for less than a fiver, sometimes free. Just relax and enjoy your adventure.


byrongee    -- Feb-15-2017 @ 8:33 AM
  Good morning and welcome Kevin. Enjoy your Broads experience I,m sure you,ll come back for more.You don,t need a radio,especially since we no longer have Round The Horne,The Navy Lark, Billy Cotton Band,and Terry Wogan.....but you possibly have different tastes.
Good luck and best wishes.


Mercator    -- Feb-15-2017 @ 9:16 AM
  'Morning, Kevin, and another welcome to the Forum  Smile

Best navaid for The Broads is the one you bring with you .... Mk. 1 Eyeball  Playful Wink

Hope you have an enjoyable holiday in June.


Steve & Maggie.

Not quite an ancient mariner ..... though some say he was at sea before Pontius was a pilate !

boat-mad    -- Feb-16-2017 @ 8:13 AM
  Hello Kevin and welcome

You could purchase the Heron map of The Broads. ISBN 978-1908851139.

Here is a link to where you may be able to order one through Amazon.

You can find a small printable basic map on my website.

Kind Regards

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