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danieloblein    -- Sep-2-2013 @ 8:16 PM
  Howdy folks!  I'm ready to book my first weekend on the broads.  My party consists of four couples, and we're on a budget, (it was the only way I could talk them in to it after shelling out on summer holidays).  Can anyone help me with Promotional Codes, to get the best possible deals?  ANY other tips for a first timer will be much appreciated 8O)

boat-mad    -- Sep-3-2013 @ 6:16 AM
  Daniel hi and welcome,

I don’t know of any promo codes but if you intend booking at short notice for a trip this year you could  try  they are all Herbert Woods boats so you can compare the prices with the H.W web site  I’m pretty sure that as long as you leave booking till a week or less before you wish your holiday to start you will save approx 30%.

You can find first timer tips on my web site from the link below.

Hope this is helpful.

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londonrascal    -- Sep-3-2013 @ 9:49 AM
  You can also have a look at (Barnes Brinkcraft at Wroxham) which, like Herbert Woods gives a greater discount the later you leave it to book.

However they have reduced the amount taken off from 30% if booked within 7 days, to 20%.

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Karen&Mike    -- Sep-3-2013 @ 10:27 AM
  Be aware that generally, a Broads boat for 8 is really only comfortable for 6 ( or a 6, for 4 etc), especially where couples are concerned (as opposed to a big group of mates). This is because the berths for person 7 & 8 will likely be made up using the settee.  

I am assuming that you are looking for one boat for all of you....


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boat-mad    -- Sep-3-2013 @ 10:34 AM

Good advice from Karen.

If you want some tips on choosing a boat Please Click Here

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TerryTibbs    -- Sep-3-2013 @ 12:44 PM
  Try Marthem Boats Silver Jubilee, reasonably priced and this time of the year usually willing to "do a deal"


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