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Keano61    -- Mar-23-2021 @ 9:59 AM
  Hi.first time on the broads any ideas on 4 night routes from silverline marina.many thanks

turnoar    -- Mar-23-2021 @ 8:43 PM
  In no particular order Beccles, Oulton, Reedham, Norwich. With stop offs such as Somerleyton, Surlingham, Cantley, Rockland.

If the tide times work you could cross Bleydon and do Stracey Stokesby, Acle, Thurne, Potter...

The broads are your oyster! Enjoy.

Hylander    -- Mar-24-2021 @ 7:25 AM
  4 nights is not a long time.    Depending on the tides which can make a lot of difference from Brundall first night you could make for Hardley Mill (electricity and mooring on a pontoon, so no worry about ropes).  Good walks.   Second night make your way to Oulton Broad, prior to Oulton Broad you have the Tea Gardens a good mooring.  It all depends if you need pubs.   Although saying that whether when you travel they will be open I would not be sure about.   if you venture towards Beccles there are some lovely moorings North Cove included, peaceful and some good walks from there.

I personally would not even envisage crossing Breydon unless it was the time of the longest day and it all depends as I say on the tides.    Remember you have to get back to Brundall to hand the boat back early on your return day.       Rockland St Mary is another good safe mooring (there is a pub there) good walks, you have a choice as to whether to moor at the Staithe of on the 24hr mooring in the Dyke.

Hardley Cross another good and safe mooring.  Going towards Norwich , if in a high boat remember as I say the tides.

There are plenty of moorings I could go on for hours.

Just remember your ropes and to allow for the rise and fall.   There is a very good Tide Time Table right at the bottom of this page which will help no end.  just pop in the dates that you will be on the river.

Women dont nag they just
things out...


Helmsman1946    -- Mar-24-2021 @ 9:09 AM
  As others have said plenty to do on South getting to & from Great Yarmouth in both directions would use best part of a day and quite a lot of fuel if you get the tides a bit wrong- My last 4 hires of 4 days have been south and not even considered going north. If after late April The Locks Inn at Geldeston may even have re-opened if you can get under Beccles Old Bridge

DAVIDH    -- Mar-24-2021 @ 10:52 AM
  Deleted as I meant to send a p.m.

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annville    -- Mar-24-2021 @ 11:50 AM
  Hi Ken you don't say what type of mooring if you want outside catering then Oulton Broad, Beccles waveney River Centre, Rockland St Mary ending on last night at Surlingham Ferry, with extended sailing in between,   depending on weather, if self catering any where i wouldn't advise going north as you wont have time unless you intend to sail all day from sunrise to sunset Norwich and Beccles will give you more things to do if weather is inclement, shops, museums, train rides and taxis etc. John

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