Topic: Newbies in August

MD-Mids    -- Apr-2-2016 @ 9:00 PM
  Hello, my family and I are taking the plunge so to speak this year and o wanted to buy the best guide book can anyone recommend one?

ADI    -- Apr-2-2016 @ 9:31 PM
  the broads map from the forum shop is a good place to start, enjoy your hol we should be afloat with a 3 week old from the 20th aug  Smile


Adrian, Michelle, Beck Braydon and Bump.

dannyboy    -- Apr-2-2016 @ 9:40 PM
  Jamie Campbell's 'Hamilton's Navigations' - the definitive guide - excellent... you may need to look on Amazon for 2nd hand...


DaveHR    -- Apr-3-2016 @ 7:53 AM
  I asked the same question a few months ago and was recommended (and bought) Collins Waterways Guide Norfolk Broads. It's ful of helpful advice, info about the towns, wildlife and detailed maps of the Broads themselves.


boat-mad    -- Apr-3-2016 @ 8:20 AM

There used to be a publication called what to do on the Norfolk Broads which had a lot of useful info but unfortunately is no longer in print.  You may be able to find an old one on ebay.

The fact that this book is no longer available was instrumental in my decision to build a website,

If you follow the link below you will find that I have provided a lot of information in particular for 1st timers and includes river maps, river distance charts and much more.

All Maps charts and general information  can be printed or downloaded by selecting the PDF icon on the relevant page.

I hope you find this useful.

Kind Regards

DaveHR    -- Apr-3-2016 @ 9:00 AM
  This is a great website which I have referred to several times. I have even added it to my Home Screen and web links.


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