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Pete1904    -- Mar-6-2016 @ 5:02 PM
  Hi everyone, planning on hiring self catering accommodation with day boat in wroxham and was wondering how far you could get on a day out. Had 2 weeks aboard a hire boat boat last year and did wroxham to potter heigham and back in a day ( had some friends visiting us for the day).guessing we won't get as far in a day boat. Thanks in advance for any replies.

TerryTibbs    -- Mar-6-2016 @ 5:55 PM
  It could be done but why? you would be cruising for most of the time, better to drive to Potter and get a day boat and explore the upper reaches of the Thurne, IMHO of course or even a half day hire and head to Colitishall, a pretty part of the River and a nive pub at the end.

Dave Cheers

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Pete1904    -- Mar-6-2016 @ 6:25 PM
  Thanks for the speedy reply. As I would have the day boat for the week I was just wondering how far I could get if I wanted (just using potter heigham as an example).will definitely head up to cottishall one day as we couldn't get under wroxham bridge in our hire boat last year.

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rustic    -- Mar-6-2016 @ 7:02 PM
  You can find this cruising time chart on this forum, but here is the link.

best regards, Richard.

Can't wait to be back on our boat on
the Broads.

dannyboy    -- Mar-6-2016 @ 7:18 PM
  I agree with comments above - don't try to go too far; take it slowly and enjoy more fully what you can reach easily!

Salhouse is close, but worth delaying over; plenty to enjoy between there and Horning - including Black Horse Broad; then pull into Horning for a nice stroll... Coltishall definitely worth visiting, nice pubs or visit 'A Piece of Cake' in the River Rooms for lunch - quality!

Push on to St Benets Abbey and South Walsham if you really want to go a bit further afield but, really, don't try to go as far as you can...!


JonC    -- Mar-6-2016 @ 9:41 PM
  We did Horning to the top of Barton Broad in a dayboat, have to admit wish we had stuck closer to Horning. Main issue was how noisy the engine was, and in a small dayboat your sitting within a few feet of it. I found the canoe to be much more enjoyable.

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