Topic: Long journey , is it 'doable' ?

Beefsteak    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 8:17 PM
  On the Thursday of our visit I intend to cruise down from Hickling to Oulton Broad to watch some powerboat racing in the evening.
Now I've checked the tide tables and a (seemingly) very good journey time planner, it says we should hit Yarmouth in 4 and a half hours, slack water is down as 10.16am , the Broads authority people say I should be okay 3 hours either side of low water (9.16)meaning I can make safe passage up to 12.16. Vis a vis as long as I leave Hickling at 8.00 am I should pass straight through. Then it's just a mere 4 and a quarter hours to Oulton!!
(I know that the weather and Neaps Spring tides are factors to be taken into consideration too)

My question is, is it feasible to actually attempt this journey or am I being a little too ambitious for a first timer?

Thanks , Ian.

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graham1    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 8:28 PM
  Hi you will be fine I can do it in 5&a half hrs if you get to Yarmouth about 11 30 you will have a good flood to take you to oulton

Paladine    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 8:35 PM
Have you checked that you can get through Potter Heigham Bridge at the time you need to?

PizzaLover    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 8:39 PM
  ... and allowed enough time to transit PH Bridge?
I guess that if you're lucky, and get the pilot as soon as you arrive, you might be able to do it in less than half an hour... but you could easily spend more than an hour waiting for the pilot to take you through.

It sounds like a rush to me.

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Beefsteak    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 8:53 PM
  There's the rub, The Potter Higham Pilot, never having been before I don't know how long he'll take!
But thanks, it's the only 'rush' we'll be doing, for instance the day after will be spent on Oulton (Pleasurewood hills!)and the day after will be a short hop to Waveny. (It's only 'cause my good lady wants to see the powerboat racing)
I'll have to play it by ear

Thanks again

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BOATERS    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 8:56 PM
  Hi,If you are leaving from Hiickling  you will have to take into account the Potter Bridge tide time and if you need a pilot as they open at  about nine at the earliest to take you through if the tides right.we like to do Oulton leaving very early in the morning,nothing nicer if it is good weather  for the racing.

Roy and Diane

Hope to see you on the river,

JennyMorgan    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 9:01 PM
  Perfectly doable, if the tides are right, great trip. If you can pass through Yarmouth without stopping then that is bonus, not the world's best moorings. Worth getting it right, very satisfying.

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BroadAmbition    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 9:36 PM
Yes, it's easily do-able.  go for it and enjoy but has been said try to avoid stopping at Gya.

I've done Geldeston locks to Stalham with 'B.A' in one hop during the summer months easily

(We also managed West India docks in London to Lowestoft in one hop too, took 16 x Hrs but that's another story!)



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Garriannus    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 10:33 PM
  However if you are sailing you will need a good strong quant team.

DorsetHelmsman    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 10:50 PM
  The big question is will you get up to Hickling in the first place?

Beefsteak    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 11:53 PM
  We'd better.....LOL

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ncsl    -- Feb-12-2014 @ 6:40 AM
  You do not say which boat you will be on?

I know I would try and get under the bridge on the Wednesday to ensure the trip is do able!
Like others have said you could be stuck the wrong side of the bridge if high water and / or low pressure!
Better to be sure of getting through that bridge first.

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Nontecky    -- Feb-12-2014 @ 8:54 AM
  Ive done Horning and Wroxham to Oulton Broad in one stint many times, if the weather is nice its brilliant! If its lashing down its a bit of a drag!. You may also wish to consider booking a mooring at Oulton Broad YS?


boat-mad    -- Feb-12-2014 @ 11:13 AM
  Beefsteak hi,

Don’t want top put a downer on your trip but as posted by  DorsetHelmsman “The big question is will you get up to Hickling in the first place?”

Potter Heigham bridge is semicircular with very limited clearance and although many boats are described as being able to  go through Potter Heigham bridge using the pilot service that is not always the case and all of the time but depends on the tides and river levels at the time.

I see you are hiring Major Gem from Richardons as Stalham.  I don’t know the air draft/boat height of this boat. May be other forum members have hired her and may be able to help.  You could call the boatyard for further advice.  

I believe The Pleasure boat Inn is less than 4 miles from Potter Heigham so worse case scenario is using a cab.  This would also put you in good stead for your trip through Yarmouth to Oulton Broad.

Hopefully you will be ok but thought you should be aware.

Kind Regards

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Paladine    -- Feb-12-2014 @ 11:32 AM
Major Gem is an Aquafibre 38 and, looking at the details of a similar craft which is up for sale, the air draught is given as 2.08m which is about 6'10". Yes, it will go through PH bridge on a good day, but I agree with boat-mad. Moor downstream of the bridge, get a taxi to the pub and back, and have no stress about getting through the bridge in either direction.

Jean&Brian    -- Feb-12-2014 @ 4:21 PM
  Hi Beefsteak.
I have an Aquafibre 38 and yes the airdraught is given as 6`10", more relevant is the width with the shape of the arch.
I havn`t been above Potter for years although it does go and has been through in the past, on the very odd occasion it might have been possible in recent years the chances are I wouldn`t have got back so I would think seriously about that part of the plan, we have moored at Potter and taken a dayboat up if you really want to do that stretch.


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Beefsteak    -- Feb-12-2014 @ 4:29 PM
  I checked with the pilot at Potter Higham and he thinks it should be okay, as you all say, it all depends on the weather on the day.
Richardsons tell me the air draft is 7 foot, the PH pilot says 6 foot 9!

The reason we hired this particular boat was because they advertise it as passing through Potter Higham

I think we intend mud weighting on the first night a Oulton  then going to the yacht station on Friday morning.

The Puddle Pirate

steve    -- Feb-12-2014 @ 4:51 PM
  hi all ,
agree with the more recent posts , i have posted in the past and say this again here , if you intend to try get the other side of the bridge , do please either ring the bridge pilot a day before or on the morning you hope to get through ! as been pointed out variuos things can hamper this , strong winds, recent rainfull , high tides etc ,
personally i'd moor at either the bank moorings or herbert woods boatyard ,and either hire a day launch from either herbert woods or phoenix fleet ,maycraft
  , or a taxi which a local forum member runs a service (cygnet ) details are here
good luck ,

steve and vicky

nautiuser    -- Feb-12-2014 @ 9:24 PM
  Remembering an earlier post from Ian, the whole point of him attending Hickling is a surprise (blvd evening )meal thats booked at the Pleasureboat (well the people attending are a surprise) so a day boat isn't likely to be a good answer. I had already pm'd him with the taxi suggestion, but as he said he has spoken to the pilot and all being well (of course Murphy's law comes into play) he should be able to get through, although 9.00 am might be tight cos by my reckoning low water must be about 12 ish at the bridge.


Boatboy    -- Feb-13-2014 @ 8:02 AM
  I'm not normally the voice of doom but on this occasion, regretably, such is my role. Is it doable? No.

Low water Yarmouth YS you say is given at 09:16, the tide runs, on average for a few minutes short of 7 hours which makes high water at Yarmouth something like 02:10 which equtes to 05:10 at Potter.

Now I know the tide drops much quicker just after the tide turns (IIRC 50% of the drop happens within the forst 60-90 minutes after the tide turns)but at 6'9 bridge clearance you will need absolute low water, if you do get under at all, which will not be until 12:16.

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Beefsteak    -- Feb-13-2014 @ 10:22 AM
  Thanks for all the replies and help folk.
I think from the consensus of your opinions that I may just leave it at Potter Heigham and get a taxi up to the pub. (It shouldn't be a problem getting back as the relatives are staying in Yarmouth and I'm sure they can squeeze us in for the return journey...LOL)
At least it gives me a head start on the cruise down to and through Breydon

The Puddle Pirate

londonrascal    -- Feb-13-2014 @ 11:49 AM
  Very good Taxi to use is Ruppert from 'All Aboard Taxis' 07754 327 388 and I believe is based in potter Heigham.

Nontecky    -- Feb-13-2014 @ 12:02 PM
  I would also recommend Rupert!


Beefsteak    -- Feb-13-2014 @ 3:32 PM
  Cheers again

The Puddle Pirate

Beefsteak    -- Feb-15-2014 @ 6:37 PM
  We've changed our plans and are not even going to try to get through Potter Heigham bridge, as was suggested we're mooring at Herbert Woods and getting a taxi up to Hickling
As for the day............... We're getting the bus into Great Yarmouth !
Something different...LOL

The Puddle Pirate

steve    -- Feb-15-2014 @ 8:24 PM
  no 6 saunders coaches , pick up from outside lathams  to market gates gt yarmouth lol,

steve and vicky

Beefsteak    -- Feb-15-2014 @ 11:14 PM
  9.55 am too , so a bit of a 'lie in' too!

The Puddle Pirate

JennyMorgan    -- Feb-16-2014 @ 8:04 AM
  Coach to Yarmouth, along the dreaded Acle Straight, most boring road in Norfolk! Plus you'll not be afloat when the sun will be shining and the water glittering. A stop for a pint or two at Stokesby, just think what you'll be missing  Playful Wink

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Beefsteak    -- Feb-16-2014 @ 4:47 PM
  I'm glad you're not doing my navigating Jenny. (I may need to stand with my hands behind my back, head bent in shame, as I trace an imaginary line in the sand with my big toe!) But I think the bus goes via Ormesby and Caistor, thus missing the Acle Road.... Wink

PS I'm still doing the long run on the Thursday, I just get an hour and a half head start. Thus making time for a beer at Stokesby!!.....LOL

PPS I'm having a whole 24hrs there(Stokesby) on the way back up, me fishing the Mill Road Fishery the wife and kids are off to Thrigby Hall zoo.

I know it sounds like I'm doing a lot of fishing , but in our fortnight I'm only going 4 times , ..... honest............   Playful Wink

The Puddle Pirate

JennyMorgan    -- Feb-16-2014 @ 5:01 PM
  Thrigby Hall Zoo is a great location, warrants at least one visit a year from my wife and I. The tiger compound is impressive.

That back-double route is a slower but very pleasant ride, am sure that you will enjoy it. Ideal for us oldies with bus passes.

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The Broads is a member of the
National Parks family, it is
NOT a National Park though.

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BroadScot    -- Feb-16-2014 @ 7:21 PM
most boring road in Norfolk!

Blame the Romans for that maybe JM  Wink


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