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mde1982    -- Feb-10-2014 @ 10:01 PM
  Hi all

My first broads holiday is booked with the OH. We have booked Clarion from Richardsons at Stalham from 14th to 18th April.

Any advice as to routes, mooring, eating etc would be very welcome, as would info from anyone who has had Clarion on hire before.

I would like to be able to visit Great Yarmouth, and OH would like to visit Wroxham.

What sort are weather would you think we are likely to get? And don't just say rain!!

boat-mad    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 8:27 AM
  mde hi,

I’ve not hired Clarion but looks to be a great choice for a couple.

Wroxham and Horning amongst many other places are well worth a visit but if mooring at Great Yarmouth beware that very strong currents are likely and the rise and fall could be around 6ft.  Normally yacht station staff would be available to assist with mooring and the tying of ropes but I don’t believe it is manned till Easter.  I'm not sure if it is manned from the start of the Easter school holidays or Good Friday.   As it is your first time on the Broads should you wish to visit Yarmouth you may be better advised to moor near a rail station and travel by rail or perhaps by bus.

I always hire a boat late April to early May and late September to early October and have often been lucky with the weather.  At the end of the day even if you go peak season the weather is far from guaranteed.  

If you follow the link at the bottom of this post you will find my website which gives help for first timers.

Have a great holiday.

Kind Regards

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rustic    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 9:04 AM
  Not being used to text abbreviations, it took a few seconds to realise
what you meant by the OH, my first thought was the Old Hag, then I
thought of a more kinder term, of the Other Half.
Then more appropriate, could be the Over

I agree about the first timer going to Gt Yarmouth, with the strong
tides, and planning is required when cruising to and from Gt
Yarmouth, due to the tides, and speed and direction of the currents.

But if you post the actual day  that you wish to travel, then members
on this site can give you advice on when to arrive at Yarmouth on a
particular day. It is also important to review the tides when you leave
the mooring at Yarmouth too.

You can always visit Yarmouth on the morning you arrive, or even
the day you leave.

best regards, Richard.
I can't wait to be back on the Broads.

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JennyMorgan    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 9:06 AM
  Just curious, what are you expecting of Gt Yarmouth? I ask this because early in the season Yarmouth is pretty grim with much of the holiday infrastructure yet to open. Even the market-place is lack lustre and not what it used to be. There is so much to do on the North Rivers, great places to visit, that you have the potential for a great holiday without traipsing down to Yarmouth.

We went to the market the other day & were surprised at the number of empty pitches. We chatted with one trader who said that with the advent of The Pound Shop & George at Asda and Matalan many traders were unable to compete.

Anyway, that is the negatives out of the way, for me April & May is a great time to be out on The Broads. Have a great time!

Yacht 'Jenny Morgan'

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National Parks family, it is
NOT a National Park though.

Worth a read:

Pauline&Phill    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 9:10 AM
  Well done, it's a lovely time to be on the Broads!
Norwich market is brilliant, and just a very short bus trip from Wroxham.

Best wishes,


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are simply Brilliant!

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Mercator    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 10:41 AM
  Hi, mde1982. Hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable first Broads holiday - which proves to be the first of many to follow  Smile

Steve & Maggie.

Magellan (Westward 38)

Not quite an ancient mariner ..... though some say he was at sea before Pontius was a pilate !

TerryTibbs    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 12:06 PM
  It would take you a days cruising to get to Yarmouth and a Day to get back, that wouldn't leave much time for anything else. If you want to visit Yarmouth do it either before you pick up the boat or after you have dropped it off. Will take you about 20 mins to drive from Stalham. Eating places, Sutton Staithe Hotel Wayford Bridge Hotel, The Dog at Ludham Bridge The kings Arms at Ludham (moor at Womack Staithe) The Falgate at Potter Heigham, the Canton Orient Wroxham and the Recruiting Seargent at Colitishall (I know it's at Horstead but as it's the OPs first time on the Broads)

Good luck I'm sure you will enjoy it.



if it is to be it is up to me!

TravellingMan    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 12:40 PM
  The Broadshaven at Potter Heigham is worth a try. It is much improved imo and is nearer the water than the Falgate, which does do good food.

mde1982    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 9:23 PM

Gt Yarmouth was just because I went on holiday as a kid, but could easily be missed if it's dire!

If I said I wasn't so bothered about Gt Yarmouth, what would be a suggested itinerary, places to visit, moor (particularly overnight), eat etc.



Siddy    -- Feb-11-2014 @ 10:50 PM
  How far have you to travel to the broads, We book early and get Travelodge in GY for £20 - £25 & go day before, we visit GY and then no rush following day, call at Asda/Tesco on way to boatyard.
We normally get a 1200/1300 boat pickup at Stalham.


mde1982    -- Feb-12-2014 @ 9:04 PM

Travelling from Southampton so guessing we will get there about 2ish.

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